Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me - A sentosa weekend!

This year, I had an ultra long celebration leading into my birthday. My father-in-law went for an eye op end of last week so I had to take leave to ferry Dumpling back and forth and so, I decided to make it into an extended weekend celebration where we did a staycation at Resorts World Sentosa and finally visited the SEA Aquarium which Dumpling was so excited about.

While aquariums and fish are pretty to look at, I am not an avid fan unlike the hubs and the kid. Clearly. Honestly to me, this Oceanarium reminded me of the one in Siam Paragon, BKK which we visited about 2 years back except this is way larger - the floor to ceiling 'tanks' were way bigger and the individual tanks were also much larger and you can observe more.

Bonding with the dad as he identified the trigger fish, bat fish, trevallies, etc. (See, I was paying attention too! 

Some key highlights were...

The touch pool

 where she touched a sea cucumber and a chocolate chip star fish (see below pic!)

Close up of a shark's embryo!

Cuttlefish. Do you know that they are able to change their skin colour to camouflage themselves? We saw them in action and it was just amazing to watch!

Jellyfish - there were so many different types that it made me dizzy. LOL but there were Dumpling's 2 favourite types: Japanese and Indonesian.

Trivia: do you know that Jellyfish are made up of approximately 98 percent water? Here's a link to find out more about them including part of a jellyfish and the life cycle 

After the Oceanarium visit, we headed back to our hotel room for a much needed rest (not so much the kiddo but the mama here)... Dumpling was absolutely thrilled to bits with her loft bed

And after her nap, I had the chance to chill in the cabana at the pool side

 While the hubs and the kiddo went into the pool

Before we called it a night after dinner. 

The next day, we took the opportunity to head to the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom. It is a very small place and unless you are going for a pre-arranged workshop, you will be done in about half an hour. Nonetheless, it was a nice chilled out morning admiring these lovely creatures which were roaming freely in the first part of the enclosure. 

And while she was ok with iguanas...

She was not entirely that sure about snakes.

After the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom Park, we chanced upon a snake charmer. I know Dumpling will probably not forgive me for sharing but here's a series of shots to share for ending this post on a 'perfectly funny' note!

"Mama, I really do not think that this is a good idea..."

"Mama, the snake is turning its head!!!"

"Its head is just a few inches from my face MAMA!!!!"


On my actual birthday, we visited the Art Science Museum which I will be sharing in an upcoming post! For those of you who PMed me, sent me messages via What's App and left your well wishes on my FB timeline and Fan page, THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLESSINGS! And yes, I had a ball! :D

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