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Mother's Day: The Low-Down on Motherhood!

Six plus years ago, I set foot on the most amazing journey - motherhood. From dealing with Post Natal Depression to understanding the 12 rules to parenting a girl, to learning how to parent an emotionally intense child, my journey has been a most interesting one.

There have been good moments and there have been the blood-boiling-blood-pressure-hitting-through-the-roof-I-wish-that-I-do-not-have-to-yell moments too. 

This Mother's Day, I reached out to some of my blogger mummy friends and asked them to share on what they enjoy most as a mum and what is the hardest thing about motherhood? 

Here's the low-down from some of our favorite blogger mums! :)

"I enjoy micromanaging the finest details of my children's life which satisfies the control freak in me. At where they are now, this fussing over them is how they feel loved and cared for by me, from counting the number of multivitamins they eat to deciding what school to send them to.

The hardest thing in motherhood, then, naturally, is to have to know when to let go, when to trust your child, when to release my grip."

Elizabeth Kao
Mother Kao

"Through motherhood I learned to live in the moment because things only happened once and at that moment.  With a snap of the fingers memories are made each and every second, we can make it an unforgettable wonderful memory or forgettable nightmare.  Of course we want beautiful memories that our children will be talking about it for many years to come. 

The hardest part of motherhood is to teach my son all the necessary life skills he needs to be able to survive in the society. Some battles and issues have to be left for him to go through and learn it the hardway."
Jennifer Lim

"What I enjoy most as a mum is to be able to share about the fun things in life with my kids, and showing them how to enjoy life to the fullest while navigating through the not-so-easy things in life.

What is the hardest thing about motherhood: To me, the hardest thing about motherhood is how to correct wrong behaviours and attitudes in the most loving manner that can get through to my kids. I am an impatient person by nature, so having to explain certain concepts patiently and many times over is always a challenge for me!"
Klessis Lee

""What do you enjoy most about motherhood / being a mum?" Having kids means having legitimate reasons to indulge in toys, childish activities and priority seating in public transport. Haha!!
Letting go and resisting the urge to help them is hard. Maybe I have OCD... I need to be reminded that they need to learn to fail in order to succeed."

Liza Poh

"What I enjoy most as a mum is to see my kids growing up with their own personalities and quirks but all stamped with many experiences and values that I've been a part of.

Hardest thing about motherhood is to see them go through realities of life like friendship issues, tremendous homework, waking up in the morning and next time BGR… and know that it’s painful but so needful."

"Ever since I became a Mum, I have realised that children can often reveal so much about our own lives. They are free spirited, free of inhibitions, and enjoy little pleasures because they have manageable expectations. We can learn so many things just by observing them, even though we supposedly 'know' more about living life compared to them.

Caden has taught me a great many things. He's made me a better person just by loving me and accepting me as who I am. He's made me see things in different perspectives, and stopped me from being perpetually suspicious, critical and judgemental. He's made me able to laugh at myself, and my mistakes. He has made me see that many of the childhood dreams I thought I had outgrown or given up are still inside of me. Motherhood has taught me patience, made me quick to forgive, and shown me unconditional love."
Regina Moo

Displaying IMG_20141022_205825.jpg"Motherhood brings out the better sides of me, makes me know more (good and bad) about myself, makes me want to learn more, do more, to improve on, to love and enjoy life more. It's a wonderful feeling to know that my children need me that much, teach me that much, love me that much, and that I need them, teach them, and love them as much, if not more. Being a mum completes my life!
What is the hardest thing about motherhood?

Not to be judgmental. I constantly remind myself that every child is unique, every family has its own challenges and limitations. I have learnt and I am learning to look at things objectively and at different perspectives. To be more positive and appreciative of what we have and what we don't have." 
Tzer Jing 

"As for me, what I enjoy most about motherhood is the privilege. That privilege to be able to grow a life, to then have the opportunity to make a difference in the little one's life and to laugh every day; the "knowing" that I was chosen to be this special child's parent, that brings a smile to my face every day. 

The hardest part about motherhood is that it is a continuous process in learning how to deal with your child as she grows - what works today may not work tomorrow. And of course, there is then the process of letting go and "tough love" where we let them learn the hard work through the school of hard knocks. :p"

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