Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Written in Feb when I first found out:

Seriously, seriously. I must have blinked like more than 10 times before I realized it was not old age but the pink symbol on the window is indeed a “+” sign and in pink, no less.

See, I have been experiencing stressed cycles where my period has gone berserk on me. I even had a scheduled appointment with my gynae to review my cycle just to ensure that I am still in the pink of health and did not really think that I actually conceived.

I was actually pretty calm and in a way, I was quite numb where neither deliriously happy nor edgy nervous. It was 7am in the morning, by the way. Common sense prevailed in the next min and I ran out, holding the stick in my hand, to wake my husband up.

“Honey”, I prodded gently as he was also gently snoring away. “Honey”, I tried again. Slowly he opened his eyes in a daze and looked up at me. I could see that he was trying to focus on that “thing” I held up in my hand. I exclaimed, “We are pregnant!”
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