Monday, November 11, 2019

Review: Shepherd's Pie

Food is a common language for my family; I am very blessed that the kiddo is not only not picky about food but also very adventurous. This means that she's ok with most cuisine types: Korean, Japanese, Indian, Western etc.

We recently received a delivery from Shepherd's Pie; to try out the beef rendang version. It is not our first time ordering from The Shepherd's Pie as I have previously ordered pies from them to bring for Potluck at for parties. However, it was our first time trying out this flavor.

As the kiddo and I were out the whole day, so we placed them in the freezer and then reheat it the following day.

As you guys would know, I bento daily for the kiddo. Mainly because the school canteen has very few stalls (4 at last count). If you have been following my IG account, you would know that I am quite particular about food and nutrition for the family where weekly herbal soups are a regular thing for us and I also make it a point to ensure that there's always fruits at home and that the kiddo eats her greens daily.

With Shepherd's Pie, I did not get the heavy sauces where I usually get if there's too much seasoning (and MSG). The meat was still moist and tender with the taste of homecooked mash potato (nothing like those instant mash potato). A quick chat with the founder and I found out that the pies are freshly baked daily!

Additionally, the pie was very well balanced in terms of the proportion of "filling" and the potato. It is not a case where there's more potato than meat. Here's a side view of one slice:

Besides the "family sizes", the company also sells "mini ones" which are exceptionally useful for me when the kiddo has to stay in school till 3+/4pm. So besides packing for her recess and lunch, these minis came in handy as a "noon time" snack and the portion size was just right.

With the upcoming year end festivities, this is definitely a great option to have for parties and for potluck and I dare say, popular with all ages. :)

:: About Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's Pie's journey started in 2011 when the founders were looking to find some good old Shepherd’s Pies for a Christmas party. Shepherd’s Pies weren’t so popular then, and it was rather difficult to find someone to bake them. Their party was coming up they really wanted to get Shepherd’s Pies as they were some of the founders' favourite foods.
This led to some research, and the founders made their own Shepherd’s Pies! Over the years, the recipes have since been refined and perfected to what they believe to be the tastiest, freshest Shepherd’s Pies in Singapore.
Contact Number: 9762 6523

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Disclaimer: We were sent the pies above by Shepherd's Pie to try so that we can give our opinions about it. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours. 

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