Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dear Dumpling...

Dear Dumpling,

As it creeps closer to my birthday, I usually get into a more reflective mode and I would look back at the year that has zipped by. One thing that has stood out over these past 7+ years is that you are a big part in these wonderful memories.

I will be the first to tell you that it is not easy to be a mum. I am often hard on you and I do ponder if I had been too hard, when I watch you sleep at night. But know that it being hard does not mean that it is not enjoyable. More than that, know that I am your greatest fan and you should always be assured of my love.

Importantly, know that when I see you fall and do not rush over to help you out, it is because I want you to learn how to get back up on your own two feet.

Know that when I do not side you in an argument / incident, it is because I want you to learn to take responsibility for your own actions and learn from your mistakes.

Know that when I say “no”, it is with good reasons and I only want the best for you as your mum.

Know that when I push and nudge you, it is because I know that you have it in you, to do better, to do more.

Know that when you cry, I cry along with you in my heart, as I furiously blink back my tears before you see them.  

Know that when I hug you a tad too tight, it is because ironically, I find it hard to let go.

Know that I am only just a mum and I do make mistakes as I am still learning how to be a good mum every day. And that many times, I am scared and worried shitless, wondering if my decisions on many folds are the right ones. But also know that I am insanely proud of you and because you are there with me, I am in turn assured that this journey is and will be sweet and fulfilling.

I love you baby, to Pluto and right back.  

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Giveaway: Charlotte's Web by Singapore Repertory Theatre!

One of E.B. White’s most popular creations, Charlotte’s Web is a beautiful tale of love and friendship. The story centres on Wilbur, a runt pig, and Charlotte, a barn spider. Having been adapted and produced both as a cartoon and a movie, I am pleased to share that The Little Company (part of Singapore Repertory Theatre) will be bringing this story to the stage from 28 October.

To avoid Wilbur being sent to the butcher, Charlotte proves to be a true friend by coming to his rescue. Drawing attention to Wilbur through skillfully woven messages about the pig, her efforts succeeded in making Wilbur a celebrity pig of some sort, much to the delight of Farmer Zuckerman and his family.

This delightful classic has been hailed as "the best American children's book of the past two hundred years" by The Children's Literature Association. Simple in story line but rich in lessons on love and sacrifices, this is definitely a wonderful story to share with your children. 

I am pleased to share that I have a family package of 4 tickets to give away! 

Enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a family package of 4 tickets! 

NOTE: Winner’s tickets are for Saturday 12 November, 11am. The date and time cannot be changed.

Tickets are to be collected from the box office prior to the start of the play. Please collect at least an hour in advance.

Comments are compulsory so do remember to leave a comment on "What is the key lesson from Charlotte's Web you wish to share with your child(ren) and why"?

Event Dates
Fri, 28 Oct - Sun, 11 Dec 2016
Weekends & Public Holiday : 11am & 2pm
Weekdays : 10am
28 Oct 2016 (Fri) : 3pm

KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT (Previously known as DBS Arts Centre) 
To buy your tickets at SISTIC, please click here 

Disclaimer: The giveaway is kindly sponsored by Singapore Repertory Theatre. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours.

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Saturday, September 10, 2016

A fluttery affair at Science Centre Singapore!

Do you know that the butterfly:

  • Has 4 wings?
  • Can taste with their feet?
  • Can see red, yellow and green?
Those were amongst some of the things that the kiddo and I learnt about in our recent visit to Butterflies Up-Close! Developed in partnership with Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom (BIK), Butterflies Up-Close takes visitors on an immersive journey through all four stages of a butterfly’s metamorphosis – from egg to adulthood and the kiddo and I, had the chance to tour around in this latest exhibit at the Science Centre Singapore.

We are not new to the whole metamorphosis process having previously bought a kit where we witnessed the process and then setting them free. But we still found loads to marvel at, when we visited Butterflies Up-Close at the Science Centre recently.

:: The set up
One of the latest exhibits at the Science Centre Singapore, Butterflies Up-Close is segregated into 4 zones, with the last zone being the enclosure. The exhibition is simple but well thought through.

The first zone was an “introduction” from a higher level where even a World Map is placed and children can learn about some of the different butterfly species from around the world before entering the exhibition. This is where we also saw a breath-taking artwork ~ made with more than 4 thousand wings (none of the butterflies were killed for this artwork but they were specimens carefully collected by the artist over many many months). (See pic below) 

The second zone focuses on "orientation" where a key feature are big fibreglass models of a big Atlas Moth and a Jezebel butterfly so that hildren can see the main differences between the 2.

The third zone is a walk way through of the life cycle of the butterfly with fun facts where children can lift up the ladybirds to unveil the information panels and read the information.

Pic above: our guide S, getting the kiddo acquainted with the life cycle

Above pic: information panels are peppered with fun facts on these beauties

To encourage children to read up and go through the 4 zones, a small butterfly booklet is handed out where children can look for various stations at the different zones to emboss on the booklet. (See pic below)

:: The Enclosure 
The enclosure is the last part and definitely the best part of the exhibition where it is a small air-conditioned area with a dome in the centre of the room. The butterflies at the enclosure are all free range where you can observe them up close and personal.

Above pic: butterflies lapping it all up!

A glass case stands on the left side of enclosure where chrysalis and cocoons are hanging in it. I love how pretty the metalic colored chrysalis are in this case. These are all "live" chrysalis and cocoons which are slowly metamorphosing.

Here's a fun fact: do you know that the chrysalis of butterflies are different from species to species?

Look at how large the Atlas moth is!!!

Be advised that these butterflies are quite "inquisitive" and do not shy away from visitors. Over the hour that we were there, we had some that landed on our heads, shoulders, bags, and even hands. The kiddo was unfazed as frankly, they do not bite or cause any itch so she was pretty cool with them. 

The variety of butterflies there is amazing. They are specially brought into this enclosure where the temperature is specially controlled and some of them have host plants specially brought in too. 

Just check out these colorful beauties! 

(Check out the bevy of beauties)

If you are looking at an educational spiel to this, the dome houses 2 stations where one shows the magnified butterfly parts while the other allows children to interact with the exhibit to see the iridescent colors of the butterflies as they "glimmered" and "shone" at various angles. 

The enclosure is not a large one but one can easily stay there for an hour to 2 if you take the time to sit and observe. We did just that and I even managed to observe the proboscis (tongue) of a butterfly where it curled and uncurled! Here's the clip to share! :) 

Our hour there flew by so quickly that the kiddo actually asked to head back again. This will be a lovely place for an unhurried morning where you can just enjoy the cool temperature and beauty of these butterflies. 

Now, in case you are not aware, the Science Centre Singapore has waived off all entrance fees for Singapore citizens on off-peak period. Hence you only need to pay $10 for an adult / for a child and $8 for senior citizen to visit this exhibit. (Details can be found here.)

:: Location 
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Tel: (65) 6425-2500
Fax: (65) 6565-9533
Click here for a driving map / bus information

Disclaimer: We were invited to visit Butterflies Up-Close so that we can share our experience on it. We are not compensated for the post. All opinions are entirely ours. 
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