Monday, April 28, 2008

Does size matter?

My original intention was to blog based on the various stages of my pregnancy but I have decided to blog based on my train of thoughts instead as and when inspiration strikes. :)

I realise after being pregnant that your bump is no longer your business. Everyone (well, almost everyone I concede) has an opinion on the size of your bump. I have comments ranging from colleagues telling me that they are not able to tell at all (my bump is usually quite flat in the mornings) to some telling me that it is VERY BIG for 4 months.

I went for a pre-natal massage on Sat (my experience on this will be another posting) and I was seated there waiting patiently for my masseur. When the nice Malay lady finally appeared, she asked me in shock "OH, YOU ARE EXPECTING?" To which I said "YUP". And she prompted "How many months? 3???" To which my reply was "NOPE, 4." "BUT YOU ARE SO SMALLLLLLL!!!!" she gasped in shock as her voice trailed off.

On the other hand, I have my brother saying my bump is big! (Which I feel is not quite a 'fair' comparison because my SIL apparently lost like 4KG in her first trimester). Hence, I feel a bit annoyed 'cos I am so confused - why do people like to keep commenting on the size of my bump and worse, the comments vary so greatly?

My masseur was so concerned that she repeatedly asks me if I have SEVERE morning sickness and if the gynae did check on my BB's growth. To which I think I must have rolled my eyes as I told her that I have NO morning sickness at all. Yup, you got that right. None, Zip, Zero, Nada and my appetite is very good as long as it is not chinese food and it is not seafood.

Hence, with all these wide ranging comments, for a first time MTB, one cannot help but be worried and off I went to weigh myself. Imagine my shock to find out that my weight now is about half a kg lighter than my pre-preggie weight. Now, I do know that a lot of you would say that it is normal for MTBs to lose weight in the first trimester, but not when you are eating like a horse like me and already into her 4th month! And that led me to call my gynae where I was told that as long as I am eating well and am not throwing up (which leads to dehydration), I should be fine.

I do wonder if there are other ladies out there like me where comments on the bump size range so widely... Does size really matter?
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