Friday, April 10, 2015

Review + Giveaway! JJ's Science Adventure - Magnets

Science was a very big part of our homeschool journey at home when Dumpling was a preschooler. As a young girl, I was always intrigued about how things work. It is with this same curiosity that I got Dumpling onto the same path as we would read up about life sciences, conduct experiments and where I would teach her to ask questions and discuss hypothesis.

Aurelia Tan is an ex-educator who has taught Science for more than 15 years where she has observed that children acquire information differently based on their learning styles. Hence Aurelia's Comics for Education (ACE) was 'born' where it uses stories to engage young readers to learn about science through their adventures. 

:: The Story
JJ's Science Adventure - Magnets is Aurelia's first book which she took 2 years to complete. Mapping back to the MOE syllabus, the story is set in a Science fiction fantasy where Jonathon and Joyce, a pair of siblings, are the 2 main characters.

It was Jonathon's and Joyce's birthdays and their grandfather Professor Tan, a Scientist, invited them to his laboratory where he has prepared their presents. Mr. Sinister, a villain, stole a box - World Maker before the siblings arrived who, in a twist of fate, accidentally claimed it back. They soon discovered that one of the bags which their grandfather gave, transforms into a robot while the other is a portal bag. With a ‘key’, the twins entered through a portal into a different realm and that started their adventure into ‘World of Magnet'.

:: The Learning
Dumpling read the book in one seating and she was able to discuss properties of magnets after the book. The concepts were clearly explained through the plots like how ‘like’ magnets repel and ‘unlike’ magnets attract.

What I also enjoyed was how knowledge was also infused into the story line using real examples such as how the MagLev in Japan uses magnetic repulsion to reduce friction. :)

Another example was the use of magnetic stripes in our key cards as well as some credit cards. The information is brought down to a level where children are able to understand easily.

:: The Illustration
Unlike the other stories Dumpling has read, this story is depicted in a comic form. Though there were more complex properties being explained, the illustrations were useful as they were easily understood.

There were humourous moments too which had Dumpling giggling as the expressions on Joyce’s and Jonathon’s faces. 

Some dialogue also cracked her up.

This book is a really easy read and informative if you wish to introduce Science to your children. And here's the exciting part!

I have not 1 but 3 autographed copies of JJ's Science Adventure - Magnets (with a personalised message) worth a total of more than $50 to give away!

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About Aurelia Tan

As an educator, Aurelia has encountered students with a myriad of different learning styles. Some of them are unable to reach their maximum potential owing to a mismatch between the way they acquire and process information and the way information is delivered to them. This has often impeded the students' ability to learn, particularly those with learning difficulties. It was also observed that most of these students are not motivated to read and many of them do not find Science interesting. Thus, Aurelia has endeavoured to produce an enjoyable learning tool - JJ's Science Adventure as an alternative medium for children to learn Science.

Aurelia is trained as a primary school teacher at National Insitute of Education, Nanyang Technology University. She has more than a decade of teaching experience and has taught in local primary schools and in Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC). Aurelia pursued a psychology degree from Murdoch University (Australia) in 2008 and graduated with First Class Honours in 2011.

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