Friday, June 15, 2012

Mister Seahorse

It has been a busy period for us as we embark on new homeschool topics, went on more field trips and gotten new pets. The hubs has always been a marine tank lover and we have been having new additions on and off to our tank.

As Dumpling gets older, she's more and more curious and has indicated her preferences for pets. Recently she has shown interest in Marine creatures and we decided to add "new members" to our marine tank which includes a few seahorses.

We have had seahorses on and off but the experience a few weeks ago have been truly amazing! I took a clip and here's a clip to share. (Please be patient and wait for it to load)

And of course, we took the opportunity to revisit "Mister Seahorse" this week.

We have read this book several times but each time, it has been a totally different discussion and of different focus. The book is simply beautiful with the acetate pages and there are just so many possibilities.

We also extended to an Art activity. Here's a photo to share:

With this, I am very excited to share that starting from mid next week, I will be hosting a blog hop party where 14 other blogger mummies will be sharing their ideas of "Creative Fun" - art and craft projects from the homefront with their kid(s)!

Here's the blog roll!

June 22 - Adeline @
June 23 - Sandra @
June 24 - Winnie @
June 25 - Susan @
June 26 - Ann @
June 27 - Justina @
June 28 - Adora @
June 29 - Regina @
June 30 - Sarah @
July 1 - Jennifer @
July 2 - Pamela @
July 3 - Ming Yuan @
July 4 - Dominique @
July 5 - Karen @ ‎  


  1. So cute! And the art work is really nice! =)

  2. Hi Madeline,

    Thanks and yes, it was a great moment, witnessing the "hatching/birthing". :)


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