Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 weeks of creative fun with your kids!

I am pleased and certainly very excited to host a "2 Weeks of Creative Fun" blog hop party with 14 other mummies starting from this week!

The aim really is to share fun and easy creative art and craft ideas which we can do with our kids at home especially during this June holidays where you may have some time to spare. :)

Dumpling and I had so many fun ideas but we finally decided to narrow to one. Our theme last week was on Eric Carle to mark his birthday on June 25. Besides the language arts aspect, we have also extended to creating Eric Carle inspired art pieces, having fun modelling after his "technique" and "style". The final pieces were truly gorgeous!

Step 1: we painted, stamped and use sponges on tissues. You can also use a brayer, or anything textured to leave interesting prints. 

Step 2: We did different strips of designs and colours for more varied prints and colour selection. The idea is to create layers of "print" over each other

Step 3: We painted on the background piece and pasted the tissues on, making it into a collage 

Voila! Your very own Eric Carle inspired art piece :)

We then went on to extend this into making her own story book in the following pages where she got to create the characters and animals she liked :) 

Coming up next!

Adeline from has shared her next craft post using polymer clay to decorate a photo frame which she did with her 10 year old daughter here. :)

About Adeline
Adeline is a SAHM to 2 upper primary school going children. She also runs a blog shop making lifestyle jewelries. You can find her at or get in touch with her via email at Adeline also blogs regularly at 

Over the next 2 weeks, the mummy bloggers listed below will feature their creative pieces too! Please hop on over to get some inspiration! :)
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  1. Sorry to sound noob but tissues as in craft tissues or tissue tissues? *dun roll ur eyes at me* If its craft tissues, where can i get it?

    I believe my monster will like to try his hands on this =)

    1. Hey Jen, you don't have to apologies and no, not rolling my eyes. Craft tissue. Alternatively you can use tracing paper :) Let me know when you both try this and share your post!

  2. Very lovely art piece! And truly very Eric Carle! Like it a lot! Will try it with my boy when he's a little older!

    1. Hi Lixia,

      I have great respect for Eric Carle's art! So colourful and it's such tedious work! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Very nice!!

    Good thing about Eric Carle is that there is method in the messiness :D

    1. Exactly! Abs it's messy fun for the kids though the tissue is quite fragile. After the demo on one strip, I let the little one roll, stamp and dab to her heart's content. :)

  4. Nice work! Loved the idea of making a book!

    1. Hey Jus!

      Thanks! Yes the book creation was quite fun though the process took a while hence we spread out the book part into a few days. Was nice intergrating art into our homeschool :) Vant wait to see yours!

  5. Cool! never knew he used tissue in his art.

    1. Yes! The man's a genius! I have great respect yor his use of colours, technique and his imagination :)

  6. Wow this looks like fun! I'm so going to try it! Did you use very diluted poster paint?

    1. Hey Adora!

      We used acrylic paint though poster colors are fine. Personal preference ;) can't dilute too much coz paper is porous and on thus case, tears. Have fun experimenting! I am still collecting more and more items to make print with for our next session :)


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