Wednesday, October 8, 2008

butterfly flutters

I am now just nesting at home, waiting for my small rat to eventually decide to enter into this grand world. EDD is actually on 13 Oct and I have been receiving smses and msn messages from well meaning friends as to if I have finally popped on a daily basis!

So while waiting for my small rat to arrive, I wanted to blog down some thoughts and feelings when I can still remember them. :o)

One of the most enjoyable and amazing experience of being pregnant is to have my BB move inside me. I suppose God is fair because in my bro's blog, he mentioned that it is kinda unfair that the guy does not get to experience the movements. Pondering on this, well,I have decided that it is a Mother's privilege. 'Cos we are the ones who have to carry the small munchkin and go through all the emotional (not to mention physical) changes and challenges, I guess being able to feel our BB's movements is a "compensation" if you will. :p

I started feeling small 'romantic' butterfly flutters in my 15th week, which I understand is way early for a first time mummy. When it first happened, I was wondering how on earth I can possibly be hungry again; I thought that it was my stomach growling. When it happened a few minutes later, I realised that it is actually my BB's movements! Even now as I reflect and recall that magical moment, I get goosebumps and I have a silly smile on my face. I think it was then that the pregnancy was more 'real' for me.

Only downside was that my husband could not relish in the same joy since he could not feel a single thing until perhaps in the 5th month when the movements was more pronounced.

Fast forward to my 39th week. The once romantic flutters are no longer that romantic! My small rat has since grown to a full term size and is much stronger. Hence, the gentle tai chi moves are now more like bruce lee flying kicks! There are many a time when my stomach would stretch so badly that it is lop sided. Worse, my small rat likes to curl up on my left side and all the movements are mainly on that side 90% of the time. My husband is also in awe at the small rat's strength as she is most often most active between 9+ to 11+pm. The movements would be so BIG and hard that my husband would sometimes go "fwah"! On some occasions, the kicks actually do hurt but this is a small price to pay to be able to feel my baby moving inside me, this miracle of life.

To be able to grow something from just an egg and a sperm and then having it evolving into a cell and then a beanie and then taking on a more human form where it has nails, eyes, bones, its own organs, etc., is such a humbling experience. Such is the miracle of life. And I thank God everyday for keeping us safe and healthy and for blessing my family with a chance to experience such a wonder.
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