Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Birthday Blast 2013 - It's McDonald's Party!

October is a party month for us with quite a few of Dumpling's friends celebrating her party. Last year, I did a Birthday Blast series featuring the various birthday themes from crafty mummy bloggers. For this series, I will be sharing based on the parties that Dumpling attended as well as her Harry Potter party last year which I have not gotten around to blogging! (I promise you that this will be coming up soon!)

:: McDonald's Party
For parents who are looking at a fuss free party, perhaps this can be a consideration. Dumpling and I attended a party at the East Coast branch (near Jumbo Seafood) where there is an area cordoned off on level 2 for the party.

The venue comes with a party room while the adults are seated right outside. Bonus? The doors are made of glass so it is easy for the parents to peek in and likewise, for the kiddos to look for their parents too. :)

Bunting and decor adorned a blank wall

All the kiddos have a goodie bag with activities (mazes, puzzles, etc.) to bring back too

The birthday girl has a loot bag too!

And if you are wondering about the invitation cards, it is provided by the company :)

A game host is provided for the games session - here's the kids having fun during a marble scooping game!

Prior to the party, mummy of the birthday girl, reached out to ask us for our food orders and I was happy to see that the children's set includes fruit slices too. We were also able to put in special request - less / no salt for the kiddos' fries. For a mummy who's fussy like me when it comes to food, that was certainly a relief. 

The birthday girl clearly had a blast! 
So there you have it ~ a fuss-free McDonald's party! 

This is a continuation of a Birthday Blast! series which I hosted last year! 

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  1. Yes a McDonald birthday party is a stressful birthday party alright. I did it with the rest of my friends for our kids who were born in the same month and year and the kids enjoyed their McDonald treat :) I blogged about it too and best of all, it's great for kids above two and up! http://ajugglingmom.com/birthday-memories-at-mcdonalds/

    1. Yikes, I meant stress - less birthday party :)

    2. McDonald's party was like the party for me when I was a kid so it brings back fond memories. :) It is pretty cool to hear from my friends that they hold parties there as an adult too! LOL


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