Monday, October 7, 2013

What's Cooking Blog Train!

I am really excited to share a latest blog initiative with you! It is not a surprise to most of you that I am a food machine because I love to eat! And as much as I love to eat, I love to cook too! 

Along with some talented mummy blogger friends, we will be showcasing a week of good food (with recipes) in the months of September to November. To add to that, we will be doing it in themes! :) 

:: October (Dialect specialities!)

11 Nov: Waiwai - Japanese Bento
A healthy meal in a box, with some sparks of creativity, would be attractive to both children and adults!

12 Nov: Tzer Jing - Japanese Cheesecake
I am Mrs Kam:-)
A "moist, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth, and not too sweet" cheesecake! 

13 Nov: Diana - Chicken Katsudon
A marriage of chicken katsu (golden fried chicken cutlet) and donburi(rice bowl dish), Chicken Katsu Don is a popular Japanese dish - bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried chicken cutlet, egg and condiments. It is easy to cook, and so delicious your family will ask for it again and again. 

14 Nov: Winnie - Tamagoyaki
(Item description to be updated)

15 Nov: Jennifer
(Item description to be updated)

Previously featured in October!
7 Oct: Agatha - Apple & Pear Cantonese Soup

This savoury yet slightly sweet Cantonese soup is a favourite in my family. We always have it when we get "heaty" and need something to cool down. This is double boiled and cooked over several hours, but you can use a thermal pot. It's also tastier when taken the next day.

8 Oct: Adeline - Fried Hokkien Mee
Fried Hokkien Mee is one of Singapore's most popular hawker fare - with a mixture of yellow noodles, white vermicelli (also known as "thick bee hoon" in our local context) usually stir fried with prawns, squid and strips of pork belly. Try this home prepared version which is relatively easy to cook and impress your family!

9 Oct: Diana: Easy Taro Rice (芋头饭)

Rice stir-fried with pork dried shrimps, mushrooms and yam (taro) This is a fragrant and delicious one-pot meal your family will love.

10 Oct: Irene Soh: Hainanese Chicken Rice
One of the famous food Icon of Singapore. Staple diet of Singaporeans, and favourite to many. Chicken cooked to perfection coupled with frangrant chicken rice. Utimate Comfort Food!

Not many people like to eat Aubergines or Eggplants due to its lack of taste and the texture after cooking but this Hakka style will have you wanting more of it. 

14 October: Winnie Lee: Shanghainese wonton

In contrast to the local version, Shanghainese wontons resemble ingots. These are handmade (except for the skin) and hand wrapped, and are usually consumed as a main dish. 

15 October: Moi ~ Alicia Tan: Cantonese Soup: 花菇螺片眉豆鸡汤

A traditional soup which has been passed down from my mum's side of the family, this soup is both flavorful and nutritious. Black eye beans is the base ingredient here as it adds a smoky flavour to this chicken soup which is peppered with meaty mushrooms and slivers of abalone. This is one of my favourite soups which I will request for my mum to cook from time to time.

Previously featured in September!

Cuisine type: Peranakan
9 Sept: Yours Truly - Alicia: Pulot Hitam

I am not a dessert person and for this Blog Party, I wanted to challenge myself to create a simple dessert. When it comes to Peranakan cuisine, Pulot Hitam comes to my mind immediately. For the coming Monday, I will share a simple home recipe which I learnt from my mother-in-law, and a dessert which Dumpling loves too!

10 September: Irene Soh: Pulut Panggang
A delicious savory snack made from glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk. Pulut Panggang are wrapped with banana leaves and are finally grilled to perfection for the wonderful smoky flavours. Sink your teeth into one them and be pleasantly surprised by the aromatic fillings of spiced prawn and grated coconut. This is undeniably the most favorited kuih in Peranankan Cuisine.

11 September: Regina:  Babi Pongteh
A quintessential Peranakan dish made of braised pork belly and fermented soy bean.
12 September : Diana Gale: Ayam Assam Tumis
A simple but tasty dish made with chicken and tamarind (assam). The piquant flavor of the assam and aromatic spices highly complement the spicy chilli and the result is a fragrant curry that pairs perfectly with rice.

13 September : Jennifer - Fish head curry 
A Peranakan version of everyone's favourite fish head curry using spices & tamarind for the sweet-sour taste. (Link to be updated!)

Looking for more recipes? Join us in the final instalment in November where we will be featuring 'Japanese Cuisine'!

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