Monday, October 21, 2013

Once upon a time...

Dear Lu,

Once upon a time, God decided to bless us with you and it has been an amazing journey for the past 5 years. Though I did not exactly start out in this motherhood journey on the best note, having to battle post natal depression, but I believe that everything happened for a reason. And I did find out why.

It has been said that while we try to teach children about the world but it's our children who teach us about life and I cannot agree more. You have taught me so much more about me as a person, as a mum and as an educator, and have fulfilled me more than you ever know. Here's a special dedication to you:

In you, I see a little feisty mini-me attempting to take on the 'world'. :)

In you, I see the values which I try to impart, shaping you slowly but surely. 

In you, I see joy. Joy because you have lit up my life more than you ever know.

In you, I see hope. Hope that you are able to contribute to the world one day in your own little ways. 

In you, I see beauty. Beauty in the wonderment of the simplest things which I have since forgotten till I became your mum.  

And in you, I see love. Love that is unconditional, that is whole; love that challenges yet fulfills me.

Thank you Lu, for being my daughter, for being part of my life and for loving me right back. My life has changed magically because of you and I am deeply honoured that God chose you for me. I love you very much and am tremendously proud of the little person that you are.

Love, Mama Sue

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