Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthday Blast 2013 - Hello Kitty Party

I admire crafty mamas, I truly do. Ironically, I do not have the patience for scrapbooking but I love notebooking and journaling with Dumpling. We attended one of Dumpling's good friend's party recently and I love what the mama did for decor - it was a Hello Kitty Pink theme without being over-the-top. The party was cozy and intimate and the highlight was the dessert table and a balloon sculptist for the kids.

Here's sharing some ideas on what the crafty mum did for the decoration! :)

Mini signages were placed at the table and they were all done up in a 'frame-like' manner. From 'dessert table' to...

'Programme' notice, they were done up prettily in pink. Check out the popcorn boxes! Crafty mama die cut and made them on her own! Aren't they cool?!?! :D

And of course, not forgetting the 'birthday girl'!

Something which was a HOT favorite with the mums and kids alike were the mason jars which had the coolest cap covers! The jars were served as 'cups' and were part of the party favors. And check out the cute paper straws!

And of course, it is not called a dessert table without them - it was paradise for the kids!

Now, what about decor? A simple bunting with Hello Kitty at each end was pasted on a glass panel above the dessert table.

But that's not all, Crafty Mama even made these huge rosettes! 

Activity wise, the kids basically had their own agenda - most ran around while some, like Dumpling, was very focused on having a balloon sculpture! LOL

A cool idea was that Crafty Mama also left small pails of necklaces, 'bottlecaps' and epoxy stickers around on the small cocktail rounds, for the children to DIY their own bottlecap neckalces! Here's Dumpling with her Minion necklace :) 

A parting shot of the kiddos looking mightily pleased with their balloons and necklaces! :)

A simple party with really neat DIY decor; hope that it inspires you for your kiddos' do! 

This is a continuation of the Birthday Blast! series which I hosted last year! Next up on the Birthday Blast series is where I will be sharing on Dumpling's do! :)

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