Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Homelearning Group Outing - Mums and Tots Bento Workshop!

After  a few 'misses' trying to plan for some field trips / activities for the Homelearning Group, we finally managed to go ahead with a simple Bento workshop!

As shared here, one of the challenges I have for myself for this year is to prepare breakfast for Dumpling daily. I have been interested in Bentos for a long time because they look so pretty and so cute! (Well, definitely better than my Bah Chor Mee in terms of presentation no?)

It took a bit of to and fro and finally, we managed to secure a location and a instructor! :) With 10 other pairs of moms and kiddos, we had an enjoyable Sat afternoon. I was expecting it to be hard but it turned out to be quite simple. Dumpling did half of the work and when it became tough (such as punching out the seaweeds), I'd take over. I also took the lead in experimenting how to "fill up" the bento box and Dumpling followed suit.

And while the instructor was setting up and we were waiting for some more participants to arrive, what else would a blogger mum do except to get the kids to pose and take pics? :p

The kiddos were busy entertaining themselves too... :p

After a short wait, we finally started! Here, Teacher Jo introduced the various tools...

And Dumpling was listening on intently...

And off to work they went! Dumpling was all serious and had her first go at the rice mould

Her Hello Kitty started to take shape (puncher on the right can be purchased from Daiso) as she added the eyes and ribbon

Whiskers and other items such as the greens, cheese, etc. 

Other kiddos were also busy with their creations

Tada! Dumpling and my Hello Kitty Bento Box!

What we learnt from the session? 3 key things:
1. Tools and more tools!
2. Greens add a dash of colour
3. You need fillers to fill up the gaps! (Crab sticks, greens / tomatoes, fruits 'adorned' with cute animal picks)

Below, proud mamas with their kiddos! 

Looking for more Bento ideas? Here's the creations by the kids! LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours, the various shapes and ideas!!!

And finally, Lulu with Mama Sue!

The session was fun and it was nice to have some kiddo and bonding time. I had a great time chatting with some of the mummies too. And guess what? Lulu even asked me for a Bento workshop for her BD party! LOL

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