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Heart Studio Review - Our Little Dali Journey Part 2 + Workshop Invitation!

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After a break over the festive season, Dumpling was all ready to dive back into her Art session routine. Dumpling has been looking forward to continuing her sessions and has asked several times on the next theme / project which she will be learning.

Having attended 3 sessions so far, one consistent thing which I noted (while roaming around in the studio) is how 'comfortable' the children are with all their respective teachers. Regardless of the levels - Little Dali, Little Picasso or Young Van Gogh, I often see the kids skipping happily to their respective classrooms.

Up to this point in her Little Dali journey, we have been very blessed that Dumpling is able to bond well with Teacher Syafiq. Besides being a very patient teacher, what impresses me is also his willingness to learn from and more about Dumpling. I have come across many teachers who rush into the class to "deliver and facilitate" before scrambling off to the next class. It could be due to having a tight schedule but I struggle such a "factory production line" approach. I believe in order for any teacher to be able to coach and guide their students well, the teacher must also take some time to learn from them - their perspectives, their interpretation, etc. in addition to also learning more about them - the children's personality and learning styles.

:: Freedom of Choice
What we like so far about is that Dumpling is given choices in her materials, the colours and even the interpretation of the art pieces. The session is not 'rushed' and Teacher Syafiq also exposes and explains the various materials to Dumpling before proceeding with the session.

Here, Dumpling was introduced to the difference between rice paper versus the regular art paper

Dumpling also has the chance to use the colours she likes despite the fact that there may not be such colours in the 'real world'. Here's Dumpling's interpretation of a blue and yellow 'goldfish'. LOL

:: Balance of being flexible yet firm 
I like that the teachers do not insist on exactly how the art piece should be interpreted by the children. One of the funniest instance that I recall is when Dumpling was creating the eye of the goldfish. This was what happened in class.:p

It was a hilarious moment! Instead of being very fixed on delivering his ideas of how a goldfish should look, Teacher Syafiq was totally cool about it, laughed it off and replied with a "sure, this is your artpiece so don't be afraid to explore". :)

Having said that, I must add that Teacher Syafiq balances this well by being firm with Dumpling when it is required. While allowing her to explore her artpiece with her preferred colours and perspective, he is also quick to be firm in getting her to try out new things / technique or to finish up the piece.
The top photo below is that of Teacher Syafiq pointing to an area where Dumpling is supposed to add the outline. Dumpling's level of concentration and attention to details have since increased due to the art classes (see bottom pic - she was checking on the right 'ink' to use).

:: Passion and Engagement
When Dumpling first started on her Little Dali journey,  Teacher Syafiq was very obliging and would provide her with the answers whenever she has any questions. During one of the lessons, Dumpling asked a question on the handling of the paint brushes. As I was in the class at that time, I replied with a question instead, prompting Dumpling to think a bit before dishing her any answers.  (This has been the style that we have been using at home since we started homeschooling.) Teacher Syafiq noted this quietly and I have seen him deploy this technique since, when teaching Dumpling.

Over the course of these 3 lessons, I have seen a genuine interest and passion in Teacher Syafiq - in the way he handles, guides and coaches (at times coaxes too!) the children. Dumpling had another classmate in the same class who was clinging to the mother for a while. Teacher Syafiq handled it in his usual calm manner without once losing his patience.

The child calmed down after a while, was later engrossed with his work and subsequently completed it (no red nose and eyes!). (Photo below.)

Knowing that Dumpling is a very vocal child, Teacher Syafiq has been very obliging when she engages him in a "presentation" of her artwork every time. Below, he is subjected to a "show-and-tell" by Dumpling after her lesson. LOL

Dumpling also subjected teacher Syafiq to one of her 'read-aloud' sessions on Van Gogh recently. I was checking on the class schedule with Heart Studio's customer relations officer - Jennifer when I turned around and saw this. It was not staged nor was this a re-enactment. I promptly whipped my Canon and took a shot of this 'Kodak' moment!  

Edit: Dumpling has finished a term of her session at Little Dali. Here's Part 3 of our review. 

I am pleased to share that Heart Studio is organising a complimentary private workshop!

Theme: Butterflies!
Let your child tap into his/her creativity and imagination in the colourful world of butterflies! Your child will be taught the art of using basic shapes to create his/her drawing and at the same time, learn about the different parts of a butterfly. Your child will also be introduced to the basics of colours - warm and cool, as they explore the world of this beautiful insect using a mixed media of acrylic for the base and oil pastels for the details of the butterfly - lines and patterns.

 Date: 10 & 11 Jan
Time: 2pm - 315pm & 5pm - 615pm each day
(Limited to max. of 6 students per workshop)

Terms and Conditions:
- For new students only. (For both the term and holiday workshops)
- First-come-first-served
- The workshop is conducted by Teacher Syafiq for Little Dali
- Students will need to be between 3 - 4YO
- No replacement class will be arranged for 'no-shows'
- Workshops are available only on the dates and time mentioned
- Please note that Little Dali is a dropped off class but parents are to be back at the studio 15mins before the end of the class
- Please call 6554 7563 to register your interest and quote BEANIE N US

Heart Studio LLP
101 Soo Chow Walk Singapore 575385

Getting there:

Parking Info:
Nearest Parking Facilities is at Thomson Plaza.

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