Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun with Math - Money money money, it's a rich man's world!

Teaching Math does not come naturally to me. While I did fairly well in this topic in school, I personally feel that it is a very specialized field. This is because the children's foundation for Math needs to be built on slowly; if it is not strong, the child will struggle as she / he progresses as the concepts are related.

I am still not a very big fan of worksheets but I recognise that as Dumpling moves into P1, she will need to be "exposed" to such activities. We started exploring on the topic of "Money" where I made a small pack of activities along with some learning aids. I wanted to introduce the concept of money and value in a fun way and with pretend play.

So with the idea, we created a Supermarket scene which co-relates to the activity sheets and word problems.

Dumpling and I turned this into a game - not unlike the game show "Supermarket Sweep"! I also turned it into a memory game as I rattled off the grocery items and she had to remember the list and zip off to taking the correct items! :p 

Dumpling took on the role of a shopper pretty seriously I must say. We did the topic in this order:
1) Familiarizing her with the coins
2) Understand 'value' of the coins

3) Shopped &
4) Applied them to the word problems where she pasted her items on the mat and did the sums

The topic lasted for a week for us as we worked through the topic slowly. It was very fun working through the topic with pretend play. :) We also took turns where she would shout out the items for me to buy and I had to work on the sum while she looked on. For bigger numbers, Dumpling used the abacus to help her. 

This is part of our Fun with Math series. Stay tuned for our next post to our trip to the Supermarket!
Edit: Here's the download for the money packs activities (supermarket items & money pack) that we have done. Please note that these are for home school and home use purpose. Please do not tweak it and sell it. It is not meant for any form of sale / profit. 

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  1. Great idea and looks fun too. With CNY coming soon, maybe next lesson can be about saving money.

  2. That is a fabulous and fun practical way to teach math. I love it! Found you through Bloggy Moms.

    1. Hi there

      Thanks for popping by! I will be uploading the pack as a free downloadable pack a few dads later. Come back again and download the items for your Supermarket Sweep! XD


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