Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gloobaloo and the Enchanted Forest - GIVEAWAY!


Gloobaloo is Singapore's homegrown Mascot. A curious and cute alien from Planet Global who has travelled to Earth on his Big Boat Spaceship, he wants to make new friends and learn all about Planet Earth and her environment.

Staging his 2nd musical performance at Kallang Theatre, Gloobaloo, a Big Boat Studio Production, returns with his friends as they bring you on a musical journey into the Enchanted Forest in search of the Fire dragon that is destroying the plant life in the forest.

Together with Chirpy and Grumpy, the wacky twins, Gloobaloo will make new friends with the friendly and playful bird, Wikki Zikki, who has feathers as colourful as the rainbow. Watch the graceful mushroom fairies prance and dance, meet the ageless unicorn who is the guardian of the forest! Come journey with them and see how this exciting story unfolds.

With original songs, upbeat music and choreographed dance, Gloobaloo will unleash your child's creativity through exploration of dance & music, melody & rhymes! Here's a link to watch a clip of the performance last year.

One lucky reader gets a chance to walk away with a pair of tickets worth $70! 

Just leave a comment below on why you think you should win the tickets! I will pick the funniest / most original comment :) For more information on the play, here's the sistic link.

SHOW TIME: 16th March 2013, 10am
VENUE: Kallang Theatre

* Seats and date / time are fixed and cannot be changed.
* Tickets are also not exchangeable for cash
* Participants need to leave your email address and full name to qualify
* Contest ends 31 January 2013
* Winner will be notified by email
* As the musical is being staged in Singapore, this is for Singapore residents only
* Winner to bear the cost of registered article postage


  1. We would love to win the tickets! My 3yo son Kyle is an outspoken and dramatic boy. He will throughly enjoy the show!

  2. J learns well through play, dance & music. With our financial constraint now, I can only go for non-financial means (i.e no enrichment classes for now), I really hope I can win the tickets and bring him on a learning journey within my means.

  3. I would like to win do that I can go baloo.

  4. Thanks for a chance to win :) I'll like the tickets just so i can ask Gloobaloo to entertain my 4yo and 2yo and i can chill out ...

    Chai Ooy Mei

  6. Gloobaloo and Hiroshi are destine to be best friends. He will be delighted to bring Gloobaloo around his hometown in planet earth and fight the fire dragon with buckets of icy cold water..... and as for sophia,she is just happy prancing around with mushroom fairies... and ride on the ageless unicorn.
    Irene Soh

  7. My son tells me everyday about his imaginery country with imaginery best friends, imaginery mountains, imaginery language and even how the parents in this imaginery country disciplines their children! I'm guessing he will enjoy this show tremendously.

  8. Lydia Suntoro :D

  9. I asked my son why he wanted to watch the show. He said "because I like nature and animals".

  10. I would like to win the pair of tickets to reward for little girl. She has started her new learning journey in a new school and she is doing such a great job so far. This will be a prefect family bonding time with her as well.


  11. My boy loves to do role play, sing and dance in school and at home. It would be great to see him enjoy his 1st musical and be enthralled by the performance.

  12. Deep in the enchanted forest,
    What's the hulabaloo?
    It's the wacky twins Chirpy and Grumpy,
    and their pal from outer space, Gloobaloo!

    Together with their new friend Ian from Singapore,
    Adventure they will create, and a new folklore.
    Of how they weave their magic and cast their spells.
    Swinging their bags of water bombs, plenty fires they quell.

    finally after the fire dragon has been put to rest
    The forest restored and the plants all looking their best,
    Gloobaloo invites Ian into his Big Boat Spaceship
    To fly to Planet Global and learn to be green.



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