Monday, December 31, 2012

Natural Born Shopper! Dumpling and Pink shoes

It's been said diamonds are a girl's best friend. For Dumpling, she goes for anything 'pink' - from hair bands to bows to hair clips to dresses and to SHOES!

Yes, she loves 'em shoes. Not just any colour BUT just pink shoes.

Dumpling has an interesting growth journey where she walked before she cut her first tooth. While the rest of the kiddos had their first two teeth poking out and some as early as 4 – 5 months, Dumpling cut hers at 11months.

She was an early “walker” where she walked unaided (though many times wobbling) at 10.5 months old so shoes was a big thing for us. Her first pair was a very pretty fuchsia pink pair. Then we had a break where we had fun printed shoes in between. But as she got older and subsequently developed her preferences, it was the point of no return for this little girl with a mind of her own.

Here's a look at our past shoes journey. :p 

This is especially the case for her school shoes where she will only choose and wear the pink pairs. So if you have a girl who loves pink as much as mine, here's where you can get them PINK! 

Her first pair with fuchsia pink patent exterior

We got them from Colette at Forum just before her first birthday. This pair is quite broad which fits the shape of Dumpling's feet well but is pricey at almost $60 I believe. However, the base does not have as much friction as I liked so this would be more for toddling than actual walking / running. 

Dumpling started attending Chinese classes at 18 months so she has had quite a few pairs of school shoes. 

We started with some really cute ones from Jack and Lily (I think we have 5 - 6 pairs from them at the minimum!) which were really comfy as they were made from leather and had soft flexible soles (good for toddlers). 

Though not entirely pink but the designs are so cute ~ how not to fall in love with these fun and quirky designs?!?

I have had parents ask us where we got them from. I recalled purchasing them via BP sellers / overseas sprees but you can view the website here

And she moved onto to shoos shoos (we have more than 4 pairs) but here's the pink pair she chose for school

And then Dad got 'serious' and went shoe shopping with Dumpling (their private moment) and bought her first a pair of Adidas! I thought that he did well and I simply love the colour! 

And just for rainy days, she'd put on her rain boots to school and she was gifted with this pair, by a close mummy friend, to add to our collection:

And as she grew, I am concerned about the development and the alignment of her posture, etc., so I invested in a pair of Pediped (pediped® shoes were among the first children’s footwear to be awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for promoting healthy foot development) and in pink too!

What about slippers? The man bought Dumpling her very first pair of Havaianas when we were in Oz when she was around 2YO. 

She took to slippers like a pro for some strange reason and she has since had other pairs of slippers but still falling back to her pink preference

She also has one pair of girlish frilly pumps which she wears to parties and dinners :) 

And her latest pair? Dad got Dumpling her first pink converse! These were from a shoe shop (I think it was Bata) at United Square

While mum bought her another pink embroidered pair (these were from where else but one of the pasar malam shops at Chinatown!) for the upcoming Chinese New Year...

and another pair of rain boots (Hello Kitty, PINK, no less) which kind of look like this but without the handles (am still waiting for the shoes to arrive). :p 

Yes, having a girl is loads of fun and yes, I often end up shopping a lot. But if you think that shoppaholic Mama Sue here shops just because I have a girl, hop over to MummyMoo who definitely leads in the shoe race having bought 14 pairs of shoes for her tot of 14 months (then) and her collection may have since tripled. You have been warned of temptation!

If you are into shopping and you would like to share photos of your loot, buying tips and where to get them, do grab my badge (design compliments of MummyMoo! - Thank you Regina!!!) below:

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  1. Love those owl boots! Hoot! :) we love shooshoos too!

    1. Are they cheaper overseas MamaJ? It's such a pity that most of the nice kids' shoes are all imported! :p

  2. My girl has tons of shoes! She loves pink shoes too and has an addidas cos her dad like addidas. She's only lacking in the boots cos I haven't seen one that caught my fancy yet but it's only a matter of time that. Haha.

    1. Ohhh hur hur hur Madeline, I have a shoppaholics kah kee too! :p Put up her shoe pics in a post and link up to share! Looking forward to it - the pics and the secret addresses. :p


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