Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A day of Kindness

For the month of December, one of the things I wanted to do was a simple “pay-it-forward” kind of idea. I ended up being busy with Advent Activities and did not manage to carry through the "pay-it-forward" intention. Then a fellow blogger mummy Dee Loh reached out in her Spread the Kindness linky where blogger mums can share their “kindness stories”.

When I first read other inspiring stories from mummies such as Angeline Sim who helped out in a community project with her little girl Dana and another kind hearted mummy who even helped to clean an elderly’s house, I was atad intimidated. I mean wow, these mummies mean serious business!

So I was stuck. For many days. Because I seriously did not know what to share and what to blog about. After mulling over it for a few days, it suddenly came to me that I was being ridiculous! Surely (I told myself) spreading kindness need not be this hard or elaborate! I am sure many of us do pockets of kind acts in one way. 

With that, I decided to share “A Day of Kindness” with all of you, where small little acts will also bring a smile to someone’s face. :)

Waiting for an appointment and I was early so I headed to the supermarket to buy a drink. An elderly man needed help to read off a label on a box of sparkling grape juice (he was illiterate in English). Camera shy, he waved his hand when I whipped out my trusty iPhone. Though no photos, his grateful smile is enough to warm me up. (I am smiling as I am typing this)

I held a door open for a few delivery guys

I treated a fellow colleague to a cup of teh tarek! Here's Tini with her Cheshire-happy-with-my-teh-tarek-smile!

Gave a colleague a lift to a new office site

Wrapped all the Christmas presents for Dumpling’s teachers which she gave out the next day

(photo taken on the following day)

Handed our helper her Christmas present

Though it was not in anyway "big", but the small gestures and thoughts do add up as my day was simply warmer with their smiles. :) 

Thank you Dee, for starting off this initiative!

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