Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Blast! Watermelon watermelon!

We usually keep our children’s birthday celebrations simple. Just a get-together with our immediate family members and families of two very close friends over a catered or home-cooked meal. So for this year - when my 7-year old girl (Ch) told me that she wanted a watermelon party - I went “erm... o-k-i-e… let me think about it.” Because her idea of a watermelon birthday party is  
guests come, eat watermelons and go back.

After deliberating over her idea, I thought it might be a fun theme to work on after all. I got a thumbs-up approval from the daddy for a possible bust on our birthday budget and started a discussion with Ch. Thankfully for Google and Pinterest, Ch and I got very excited after finding great ideas for food, games and party decorations. 

+ party invite.  I love making my children’s birthday invites. Naturally, with a watermelon theme, I chose red/pink and green as the colour theme. I also made a small magnet as part of the party invite to remind our guests of the party when they see it stuck on their fridge.

 + party decorations Using paper plates cut into half, we made watermelon slices. Ch also helped to draw some watermelons and cut out printed letters for the party bunting.

The table centerpiece was a smiley head which I carved out from a watermelon. 

 Watermelon head didn't stay friendly for long as mischievous friends decided to give her smiley face a makeover!

We also pasted a big mahjong paper next to the door for our friends to pen down their birthday wishes.

+ food We had finger food that is easy for children to handle. I love the vibrant colours of the kebabs!

I also had watermelon salad (recipe from here) and watermelon jelly slices (recipe from here). A note for those interested to try out the watermelon jelly slices: I substituted the gelatin/ jello with konnyaku jelly as I prefer the chewy texture. Although the calamansi rinds made the jelly rather bitter, the jellies were a big hit with everyone.

As for the birthday cake, I got my friend who blogs at Delicacious, to bake cupcakes for us.

+ games.  To occupy the children, we had a watermelon-seed-spitting competition. It was hilarious seeing how eager they were in eating the watermelon slices just to get the seeds. Even the adults enjoyed themselves!

Though I was tired out after all the preparation, I'm glad I fulfilled my girl's birthday wish of having a watermelon-themed birthday celebration. Everyone enjoyed themselves so much that we had a second round of watermelon-seed-spitting competition one month later! Also, my son who used to dislike eating watermelons, was converted after this party!

About Mary.  Mary is a full time working mom who decided to spend a year at home after her third child was born. She has learnt so much about parenting through her journey with her three children. Simply Lambchops is a diary dedicated to her lovely children and things she enjoys doing. 

This is part of a Birthday Blast series where blogger mum friends hop on over to share their birthday party planning tips and ideas. Next up, I will be sharing Dumpling's Harry Potter Birthday party! :)


  1. Haha love the seed spitting idea for a game! And the carved out watermelon is so pretty! Thanks for sharing this, mummies!

    1. You are welcome Summer - this is a really cute party so I must thank Mary for sharing :)

  2. Love this! So unique, yet fun and interesting! Shared it on my walls!

    1. Thank you for sharing on your wall my dear! :D


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