Thursday, December 27, 2012

Festive Fare - with a bit of everything...

This Christmas has been rather tame for us because the little one is sick - she caught a bug and basically was down throughout the Christmas period with a fever and a nasty cough.

Our typical Christmas would usually include visiting where we will visit hub's side of the family to catch up and all will bond and chat over a meal (in many cases 3 - 4 meals) over the course of the day. The fare would usually include lots of meat, Devil's curry, salads, turkey and wines too.

This year, we did not do much at all except to partake in a potluck at Dumpling's Great Grandma's place. Great Grandma as you may have been aware was down with a massive stroke and was hospitalised for quite a while and she was finally discharged late last week.

So, our food for this year had no typical Eurasian dishes but it's yummy nonetheless with a little bit of Chinese (the soup!) and a little bit of that! (The sambal and the Christmas cuts!)

Here's to share!
Itek Tim! One of Dumpling's and my favourite!
~ a good salted veg soup needs to be stewed long enough where the vegetables are soft and the soup flavourful. The top layer of oil should also be skimmed off and usually, the meat will literally fall off the bones

Beef stew
~  This was really yummy as the gravy were all absorbed into the meat. The meat was tender and the gravy had the right dash of pepper and the right amount of spices to it

And of course, which Christmas dinner would be complete without the cold cut platter! 

This has to be one of my all time favourite dishes which my mum-in-law cooks - sambal prawns!
~ The paste is spicy yet very fragrant and I usually mix this in with my rice (and also help myself to round 2!) 

And tada! LOL, mixed into a local nasi padang style! 

I wish that we had done more visiting and I have the full on meals to show you but unfortunately, it did not happen. Nonetheless, it was a nice gathering as we had a chance to chat with Great Grandma (who is now wheelchair bound) so I am thankful for that. :)

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  1. delicious~ especially the sambal prawns. Not good for my tum-tum since i'm down with gastric since Christmas eve :( Nevertheless, your food make my tum-tum protest and I cant eat much~ torture!

    1. Hur hur, hope to be sharing the recipe soon on FF Jen!

  2. can your mother-in-law please share the sambal prawn recipe? until then, i shall keep wiping that pool of drool on my keyboard

    ps only round 2? i'd go for round 10 with that!

    1. Adora: ahem... I had to leave items for the rest of the guests lah. LOL

  3. Wah looks so tasty! Salivating at all the food posts today!

    1. :p Can u imagine if we were to have to have a potluck and everyone brings along the dishes featured? WOW!


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