Monday, December 17, 2012

My Child and Me Day - an afternoon of foodie choo choo fun!

One of the best thing about working part time is that I have a bit of free time on the weekdays to head out with Dumpling. Though the money is lesser, I have simply no regrets. I love to be able to pick her up from her class and then head out with her for an afternoon of fun.

In the past month, we have fully made use of these afternoons to head to Polliwogs where she spent the rest of the afternoon with her friends, catch a movie and go for her Art classes at Heart Studio.

We recently had one of those lovely afternoons where there was no one else except us. It was lovely. It is nice to take a step back and just enjoy her and really talk to her. About her friends, what she did in classes, what she was thinking about etc.

We started off with lunch at a Japanese restaurant. My order arrived first...

And I jokingly told Dumpling that there's no food for her. Check out her expression! :p 

And then her food arrived. :) Check out the Pocky and jelly snack on the side

And of course she tucked in happily... LOL

After lunch, we headed off to a... PIZZA MAKING WORKSHOP AT MODESTOS!We have been waiting for this workshop after reading a post on a mummy friend's blog and it looked really fun! When I found out that it was available again, I immediately registered for it.

The set up - the area was all set up and ready for the kids when we got there with the rolling pins, dough and flour all laid out properly. Seats were also put aside for the children and parents as we waited for the workshop to start.

The demo!

Once all the kids have arrived, the Chef came out and explained to the children what they were to do and promptly did a demo too. Chef was really good with children as he warmed them up with jokes and had them cracking up and just raring to go!

The task!

And 'with a sprinkle of flour - tinkerbell style", it was off to 'work' for the Dumpling

More rolling before it was finally done!

Waiting none too patiently for her turn

Finally she had a chance to add the toppings to her pizza! 

The chefs were all amazingly good and patient with the children - taking care to ensure that they do not slip or trip and ensuring that all have washed and sanitized their hands properly

Above Pic: Dumpling adding on the full workz to our pizza (THAT'S MY GIRL! :P)

She was so proud of her work and was so happy with her pizza and well... so is the mummy too... (especially the tasting part)

During the workshop, a 'train' was moving outside the restaurant and she insisted on riding it because it reminded her of Polar Express *roll eyes*.

I did not want to waste money on the ride (it was $6 for just a few mins!) but she was very insistent and not only that, she wanted me to ride with her. Sigh... So what else can a mummy do except to relent...

But the $12 was certainly worth it when I see moments like these...

She was just absolutely thrilled to bits! :) 

And of course a shot together to end the lovely lovely afternoon. 

"I love you Lulu. Thank you, for such a wonderful and enjoyable afternoon!" XOXO Mama Sue

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  1. Aww... what a great afternoon of mummy and daughter bonding. As a working mom, weekends are so so precious for me to spend with S too and we try to do her favorite things as nothing beats seeing that megawatt smile on her face.

    1. I know what you mean Susan. Weekends are so truly precious. I wish that we could stop time sometimes and capture down these moments permanently. :)

  2. ok! This did it! The next time Modestos have their pizza makig class - we'd sign up for sure! :) Love the pic of you and Dumpling with the train! :)

    1. Hey Pam. Wah, have not heard from you here for some time. :) It was really fun, I think all your kiddos will enjoy them. There were some bits I had to help out with because the rolling is quite hard! But the tasting part justifies for it. :p

  3. YAY!! I'm glad she enjoyed the day *ahem* as much as you did! Hahah...

    But precious moments as these - hold on to it before she dashes out the door and tells you: "Don't tell Daddy!" ;)

    1. *ahem* yes, I think she nearly enjoyed it as much as me. :p And of course, she did all the hard work while I got to eat! LOL!!! Yes, moments like these and days like these are truly precious. :) Great event MummyMoo!

  4. are these lessons at modestos still on and is there a minimum age? my three-year-old boy loves to eat pizza annd i am sure he would be thrilled to go for a pizza-making workshop!

    1. Hi Carol, the workshops are done usually over the holiday period so it is all filled up for Dec. Perhaps you can check on their FB page if they will be running closer to March next year?

  5. thanks, mummymoo. i will keep a lookout before the next school hols then!

  6. The pizza making workshop sounds like such fun! Next year I'll definitely keep a lookout for them. I think my toddler would have grown up enough to be able to manage by then. I hope.

    1. Hi! I think when Sophia hits 3+ / 4 and can understand instructions, she will do just fine. Of course, being a cheese / pizza lover helps too! :p


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