Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dummies Guide to Jewelry Shopping this Christmas!

Everyone, together now - "Tis a season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la..." Christmas mood certainly is in the air! 

Looking for a gift for a female colleague or one for your future mother-in-law (*ding ding* score brownie points!)? I am pleased to have with me Adeline from Adeline's Loft over today to share her recommendations with us on her choices for some lifestyle jewelry pieces from her blogsite! (And oh, though I am no career woman, I LOVE THE BRACELET!!!)

Tis' the time for love.
Tis' the time for... gifting!
  Would you be considering giving a gift of handmade jewelry this season? Or for any other occasion for that matter, here's an inaugural guide to what you should know before purchasing the perfect jewelry gift!
  Jewelries are considered quite intimate gifts in general. So before you make any purchase, consider the makeup of the person you are giving to.  Does she have a vivacious personality? A go getter? Or just a girl-next-door?
Here's my recommendations, with creations taken from my blog shop, which you can put to use!

The Bubbly Gal
She is sociable, chirpy, witty and dresses with a zest for life! 

Consider these items as they would compliment her personality more and instantly lifts the mood of people around her. 

The Classy Career Woman
Dresses in classic office attire, meets clients most of the time.
 Consider these classic styles that adds a little elegance to her otherwise monotone wardrobe. These are neither too loud nor too conventional for her to stand out in the office crowd.

 The Girl-Next-Door
Casually dressed, usually in simple tops and jeans, but oozes feminity.
Consider these pretty colored creations that would add a little ray of sunshine wherever she goes. It makes a subtle understatement that still, would not go unnoticed to the discerning eye.
The Woman We Call Mom (or Mom-in-law)
They deserve elegance - no matter what kind of personality they have.
Consider these kind of creations that are not too loud for our mothers, versatile enough to wear with most outfits and without the feeling of being overdressed!
 The Wife/girlfriend You Want To Impress
This one's for the men!  (or you can hint to them)
Consider these kind of jazzy and snazzy creations for a date night. Both creations have a definite chic look that's not none too overpowering yet exudes a sexy girly charm.

 The Casual Acquaintance
If you're buying out of obligation (office party/an annual home party)

Consider these 'no strings attached' creations - it doesn't spell intimacy yet it shows the person that you were thoughtful enough to get them the unique gift of handmade.

The chain to this can be replaced with a key ring instead!

These are just a few of my blogshop's recommendation for the women you know in your lives.
I hope this post gives you a better idea what to look out for the next time you are scouting for jewelry gifts.
Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Special for Alicia's blog readers!
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Last local shipping date is 14 December.

A note from me: Adeline is away from 3-10 Dec. Any email orders received during this period will be attended to by 11 Dec. Please quote Beanie N Us in your email to enjoy the 15% discount when she processes your order on 11 Dec.

Adeline is the founder and independent artisan of ADELINE'S LOFT, creating lifestyle handmade jewelries for the past 7 years. Her passion was recognized by a local women lifestyle online magazine and was awarded for being an inspirational woman during International Women's Day in 2011. Apart from being an SAHM, she also blogs at THE ACCIDENTAL MOM BLOGGER - sharing her experiences and challenges she faces in her family life.


  1. Thanks for having me over Alicia!:))

    1. Thank you for sharing these quick tips and recommendations! :)

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