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Advent Activities - A Christmas Title for Kids: Mortimer's Christmas Manger

As part of the Advent Activities series, Jennifer and I will be sharing some Christmas titles and reviews. To kickstart, I am excited to share on "Mortimer's Christmas Manger", a title which I chanced upon. 


A recent title which Dumpling and I read, I really did not know what to expect though I saw a few preview pages and read the reviews. I did not expect to enjoy the story and thought it to be yet another Christmas title but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Mortimer's Christmas Manger is a simple yet heart warming story told from the viewpoint of a little mouse and is written by Karma Wilson (the author of the popular "Bear Snores On" and "Bear Stays up for Christmas"). The tale tells of a mouse's search for a new house and finds his way into the Nativity scene where he creeps into a manger every night. During his little adventures, he learnt about Baby Jesus and realised whose house he was sharing. 

With all the commercialism of this season, this book shares, in a gentle manner, the spiritual aspect of Christmas which is certainly a nice change. I especially like that the author, chose a seemingly small and insignificant animal to spin the story around, very much like Jesus who does not discriminate.

We especially like the ending where even Mortimer... well, I will not include any spoiler here. :) 

We read this before bed and strangely, I felt touched and humbled. It was certainly a nice story to end the day with. 

Now, since the story centers around the stable and the entire nativity scene, here's some extension activities to share! :) 

Extension Activities Suggestions:

1) Re-enact the Nativity Scene with your children using these printables:
From Activity Village (For older children who are able to colour)
From Gospel Hall (No colouring involved but will require parental assistance in cutting and folding. Cool factor: Includes a 3D stable print out!) We did this last year and it looked amazing!  

2) Nativity Calendar Printable

3) Nativity File Folder Games (Colour introduction for the young)

4) From 1+1+1=1: Nativity Preschool Pack

5) Nativity Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon

ENJOY!!!! :)

This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where we aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas! 

Head over to my partner-in-crime Jennifer to see a really cute spiral craft she made! PLUS, have a go at some Trivia questions she researched and posted up! Do you know that the sleigh is pulled by 9 reindeers - why the odd number? What other the other reindeers besides Rudolf? All this and more! :) 

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  1. Christmas is really in the atmosphere.. it really makes me feel happy every time I see or know someone getting busy for X'mas:-)May you have that wonderful season this year :-0


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