Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advent Activities - Arthur Christmas DVD Review

Being a Nazi mum, Dumpling has very little TV time since young. Except for the short doses of Baby Signing Time and Signing Time DVD series, I was extremely strict with turning on the TV at home and also at my parents’ place where Dumpling spends some time at.

I only relaxed the rule a bit about a year plus back when I let her watch series such as Sid the Science Kid and The Magic School Bus because of her inquisitive nature where she started asking me about how things work. It was also sometime this year that I allowed her to watch movies but we would very often break it down into 2 parts.

During this Christmas period, I was looking around for some suitable DVD titles and I chanced upon Arthur Christmas at a local DVD store and I decided to give it a try! 

The story centers on Arthur Christmas, son of Santa who discovered that a package was left out for a child and how he ‘jumps through the hoops’ to deliver the present to that child, just in time, for Christmas.

Heartwarming and peppered with adult humour, we like this simple story as it touches on simple values such as ‘responsibilities’ and ‘promises’. It is also a great family movie (suitable for ages 3 and up because of the adult humor) with a modern Christmas high-tech twist (watch the movie and you’d understand) that is great for this festive season. 

1) 3 Dinosaurs created 2 cute packs:

Both are great for the younger kids and those who are working on beginning sounds

2) A great FREE PreK pack with counting and pre-reading activities from A Reading Mama

3) A FREE pack with sorting and shape activities from Living Life Intentionally 

4) Free Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1

5)  Easy to do Christmas Crafts from Activity Village
This activity is part of an Advent Activities series where my co-host Jennifer and I aim to share on a daily basis the various activities we are doing as we lead into Christmas! 

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PS: Jennifer and I are doing a DVD giveaway as part of her review on Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas. Head on over for some Dr. Seuss whimsical fun! 

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