Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Teacher's Day Gift - Marshmallow Pops!

Amongst Dumpling's teachers, there are 2 males. This is where it got me stumped. Notebooks are nice and pretty but I am sure her swim coach would not need it. I suggested a food item and Dumpling agreed to it. After we googled for some ideas and samples, Dumpling settled on Marshmallow Pops. 

They were surprisingly easy to make - no cooking required but just basic heating up, dipping and freezing.

Here's what the main ingredients: (from Phoon Huat)
(we bought 2 different types of chocolate chip but only used 1 for the teachers. The other packet will be used at a later date for hmmm... perhaps Children's Day.)

Note: Shortening is needed and was not featured as I had left overs from my previous "bakeouts"

Step 1:
To melt the chocolate, all you need to do is to place a "heat proof" container over a steaming pot of water. 

Step 2:
Add marshmallows

Step 3:
Coat marshmallows (you can use a spoon to turn it over)
Note: Do keep heat very low otherwise your marshmallows would melt along with the choc!

(Note: Dumpling had someone standing and holding her over the pot while she was dropping them in so please note to be cautious and have another adult around.)
Step 4: We added decorations and once cooled, froze them in the freezer

Out from the freezer

Waiting in to sample glee!

Dressing it up in a pretty jar, black satin ribbon and a personalised tag

Here's Dumpling handing it over to her swim coach :)

Tip: the choc melted and rubbed against the container as I packed them in (my fingers were way to hot) hence you can see a slight smudge above. You should use a satay stick or chopsticks to place them in the jar instead. :)

On a different note, I am very thankful that Dumpling has a really nice swim coach. I like that he is firm yet caring, has good rappot with young children and also encourages the kids to challenge themselves. Good teachers are truly hard to find. Here's link up with Justina for Thankful Tuesdays. :)

Looking for smore more edible Teacher's Day treats? Hop on over to mamawearpapashirt where a mummy blogger friend, June, shares the loveliest 'cup-a-cheesecake'!

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