Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY Teacher's Day Gift - Homemade Hands and Feet Scrub

I love toiletries - the smell, the colours and basically the entire 'concoction'. Of which, scrubs are my favourite. I love the thought of exfoliation and how the skin seems to look "brighter" and feel smoother. 

Sugar scrubs have been known for its many benefits - improving circulation, exfoliating away dry / dead skin and are even safe and great for children. With that in mind, I researched a bit and found out how easy it was to make sugar scrubs - nothing needed except for mixing!
All you need are:
1. Sugar (You can  go for "fine" or "extra fine" depending on the texture you prefer)

2. Liquid Soap
(I tried various brands and it really depends on what you wish. My personal preference was something more 'runny' hence some of the gel which I have from BodyShop were not suitable for us. In addition, Dumpling ONLY wanted strawberries scented so we finally ended up using a simple hand liquid soap from Guardian Pharmacy.)

3. Colouring

Step 1:
I measured how much sugar I needed by pouring into the jars which would be used for the scrub. Note, you need to add in about 30% more sugar as it seems to dissolve.

Step 2:
I then poured that into a mixing bowl (I used a disposable bowl so that I can discard it after use).

Step 3:
Next I added in the Liquid Soap. It will be best to add this in slowly so that you are able to mix the soap in and gauge if you prefer a more runny soap texture or something drier and more coarse. 

Step 4: 
Mix in a few drops of colouring (I used food colouring).

5 min affair - no cooking, no heating. Just mixing!

Dumpling and I made extra and had loads of fun using it ourselves - the granules were fine enough for her "baby skin" while the soap added a bit of fun lather. We gave it to one of her female teachers who oohed and ahhed over the smell and the pretty packaging too! :)

This is part of a DIY Teacher's Day Gift 4-part series. We also made notebooks and yummy marshmallow pops! Enjoy!


  1. Wow this is really easy to do! :) Can smell it already!!! :p

  2. I've been wanting to do something like this. But am worried that ants will invade the bathroom after use. Any comments on this?

  3. Hey Pam,

    Yes, the fragrance was divine with the strawberry soap that Dumpling insists on! LOL

  4. Hey Angie,

    Thanks my dear! It is a quick and practical gift. Just gave out 2 earlier and the teachers love them! :) Dumpling was glowing from the nice feedback.

  5. Hi Annoynomous,

    Welcome! Please do leave your name next time. :) If you scoop this in and out properly, there should be no ants. Originally when I poured this into the jars straight from mixing "bowl", there was a bit of spillage for bottle 2 and 3. These were the 2 that had ants subsequently BUT all on the outside which was easily rinsed off. Bottle 1 which I used a spoon to scoop in nicely had no such issues. :) HTH. Do drop by again!


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