Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday Blast! A Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse birthday party

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are certainly 2 of the world's most well-loved characters and for this week, I am pleased to have guest blogger Susan Koh, one of Lifebuoy's ambassadors, guest post here on her daughter's recent 3rd Birthday celebration! :) 

Hi everyone. My daughter just celebrated her 3rd birthday and like most kids, she’s charmed by the classic Mickey Mouse and requested for that as her birthday party theme.


Party decoration
For decoration, we opted for a simple Mickey Mouse clubhouse banner from Toys R Us.

We also picked up the party ware from there which came with paper plates, paper cups, a table cloth and napkins.

We also brought out her Mickey and Minnie plushies and had them greet the guests as they arrived.

Having a Mickey Mouse theme is probably one of the easiest themes around as there is no lack of decoration ideas! If you’re feeling crafty, there are plenty of ideas from Pinterest, flickr and of course Mr Google :)

For her cake, Sophie specifically asked for a Mickey Mouse cake. Since she had two celebrations, we ordered two different cakes – one ice cream cake from Swensons and another regular chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo.

These are the two main cake shops that you can purchase Mickey Mouse cakes off the shelf without customization.

For games, I left it pretty much to my sister who was a gymnastics coach. And being a natural with kids, the children enjoyed the games very much.

We play simple games like freeze, duck, duck, goose and follow the leader. To inject some musketeer fun into the games, you can tweak classic games like Simon says to Mickey says. Or how about a hotdog dance off? It’s bound to be a hit with lots of fun and laughter.

Party favors
For the party favors, we got coloring books for them. We got two different versions of them for her friends in school and guests at home.

One version was from the Value shop in our neighborhood shop where they also sold other Mickey Mouse stationary, from photo frames, pencil cases and even notebooks all for under $5.

For the guests who came for the party at home, we included stationary like Mickey Mouse pencils and erasers for them. The little girls even received a red bow hairclip like Minnie Mouse. For her friends in school, we bundled the coloring book with markers and crayons.

Dress up
Last but not least, in your birthday, don’t forget to remind the guests to come dressed for the party. A Mickey Mouse theme party is a relatively easy that kids and adults will have no problem pulling off.

Susan is a full-time working mum to 3-year-old Sophie. As a working mum, she’s always doing the juggling act between the family and work, being a nurturing mum, a loving wife and a career woman all at the same time. So it’s no wonder that she’s titled her blog, A Juggling Mom.

This is part of a Birthday Blast series where blogger mum friends hop on over to share their birthday party planning tips and ideas. Next up, we have Elisa from who will be sharing with us a cowboy themed birthday party!


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