Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Blast! Under the Sea!

I am pleased to have with us this week, guest blogger Justina Tey from Mum in the Making. Justina is a Bento whiz and is one crafty mama! Here, she shares her party ideas for a fun fun fun "Under the Sea" party!

Hello!  I'm here to share about the party that we had for our little boy early this year!  Initially, the party was supposed to be a jungle themed one, but he changed his mind last minute, and asked for an under the sea party.  Here's what we did:

:: Decorations: We did up the wall near the dining table (it was a small party of close friends, so we held it at home), draping it with crepe paper seaweed.  Then we added various sea creatures which were done by the boy, as well as the wordings, which were actually recycled from his previous birthday party...

... there were jellyfish made by the boy:

and starfish too (he got to add all the dots)!

We also made octopus balloons for the guests to take back, which were a hit!

The decorations cost us less than $5 to make!  Get the instructions for making the decorations here.

:: Party packs: We decorated plain paper bags using DIY foam stamps (how-tos here).  They initially were covered with leaves (we had prepared them thinking it was going to be the jungle theme!), but with the last minute change we added fishes too:

Those party packs were filled with treats like cheese dippers and apple juice.  The kids also received an ocean scene with their names on them, and a sheet of fish stickers.  After they had gone all crazy sticking all the fishes down, we laminated the papers to use as personalized placemats, which they got to bring home:

:: Food: We usually like having local yummies for our parties, and this time we went Peranakan.  Since  most of the food was spicy, the kids got home-made bentos instead (Junior J only invited a couple of friends so this was still doable!), with starfish rice cakes, mushroom egg rolls and peas:

We had a great time, just hanging out with close friends and the kids had fun playing together.  And of course, pigging out!

About Justina:

Jus is a stay-home mom to two little boys.  She has itchy fingers and enjoys cooking, crafting, scrapbooking and photography.  She loves to learn along with her kids, and blogs at "Mum in the Making".

This is part of a Birthday Blast series where blogger mum friends hop on over to share their birthday party planning tips and ideas. Coming up next is Susan from A Juggling Mom. Susan will be blogging about a Mickey and Minnie Party for her little girl! Watch this space!

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  1. i love the deccor! i really liked the octopus and jelly fish, well done, justin1a


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