Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Teacher's Day Gift - Notebook!

I admire scrapbooking mums. I think that they are very talented and very patient. With Teacher’s Day coming right up, I panicked a bit thinking what to give to some of Dumpling’s teachers. After asking around, I realized that besides food items (except for religious and health reasons) notebooks seem to do no wrong.

I am not good with book scrapping (the pretty pieces look too delicate for my manhandling!) and can only "ooooh and ahhhh" over my talented mummy friends' FB pictures but I really wanted to make a pretty notebook!

So, after a walk in the trustable Daiso store, I was inspired and managed to make this!

So, here’s one for the non book scrapping mamas!

Level: Easy
Time needed: 20 mins max for the first attempt (try to do a sample copy and then for the next few, you can cut cloth and trace cover sizes in 'mass'. This shaved off a fair bit of time for me :) 

Above picture: Most of the items (except the white roll of cardboard which is from Popular)

Above picture: I tore out pages from this block of paper for the inside pages for the notebook

Above picture: You will need to cut out 2 rectangular pieces from the white roll of artcard paper (shown in Picture 1). One is for the cover and another is for the inside cover. The cover should be a tad bigger than the inside pages.

This is where I "cheated" and bought fabric for the cover. I cut out the fabric and pasted it over (middle picture above) and voila!

We then cut out a strip of lace as and wrapped around the cover before we tucked it under the inner cover and pasted the inner cover down.

The last step was to then place the inside pages in the middle and then staple / sew them to the cover. :) Look at how pretty they are! I love that how the prints on the fabric brought the entire cover to 'live'!  

Hope that these would be useful for non scrapping mums like me. :)

My goal for this week: a week of DIY gift ideas for Teacher's Day. Coming up tomorrow - food gift which your little one will enjoy making!

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  1. Timely posts Alicia as I'm sure many mums would be looking for gift ideas for Teacher's Day. Sophie had a baking session in her child care last week and she returned home asking me to bake for her teachers.

    1. Hey Susan, an glad you found the post handy. Pop by again tmr - not baking but we are featuring a dessert treat :)


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