Saturday, August 4, 2012

2 dogs and a baby

I have my dogs for about 10 years now and many have asked me how I did it. Some ermmm... 'interesting' souls have even asked me in the early when I was pregnant when I will give the dogs away. 

That's actually one of the more 'normal' remarks. My favourite? It's what I call the Oracle remarks - 'wow, you mean you are gonna still have them around? What if the dogs give your kid asthma and she dies? What if they maul your baby and she dies? Or what if they give her an incurable disease and she dies? What if they sit on the baby and suffocates her and (you guessed it!) she DIES?'


Well I was determined to show that they are wrong. I was gonna be the mum who can handle it all and still look gorgeous with my poof-ed hair and solitaire ear studs every morning. I was gonna be that yummy mummy that loses the 7kg I put on during my pregnancy within 2 months after I 'popped' by heading to the gym as soon as I can get some rest and drive myself to the gym.

Then I had post natal depression. And I have a child who is highly alert and sleeps very little. And did I mention super sonic hearing and sense of smell too? I also have dogs who howl.

So, I would be carrying the little one in a sling. Tired. Throat was dry (she liked me to sing softly and hum when she was young - hubs told me that's white noise for the baby but I ignore him since he's tone deaf), C-sec wound still sore, wrist was tired from patting her for the past 45 mins and she finally sleeps. So I tiptoed across the room and gently lay her down.

Then I tripped over the dog-rug. Goldie who likes to walk near me and likes to just lay there (and maybe play dead). Only I didn't see her and I tripped.


Because Dumpling was still snug in my sling, all she did was to move a bit. I gained my balance and made my way slowly to to cot again. Placed her down and AHA! I can finally take a shower, lie down and rest.

Then, Oreo decided to howl.  Ah-oooooooouuu...

I jumped out from bed, ran towards Oreo to shush her up and she thought it's a game! With a wag of her tail, she jumped and ran AND... Barked! In a split second, Dumpling cries.

So into the room I went and tried to pacify Dumpling but she was totally awake and could not get back to dreamland. I coo-ed with her, patted her, played some more and she finally yawned. Picked her up and put her down in the cot. She slept. I headed for the shower and was rinsing out the shampoo when the door bell rang. Guess what? Yes, the dogs barked again! 

I rushed out, half showered, my helper was trying to pacify Dumpling but nope, she was up again. I rushed to open the door and heard squeals of laughter and fast footsteps. Turned out it's a prank. This actually happened quite a few times and it was then I pasted a homemade sign above the door bell (which I subsequently disabled). I don't have a photo of the actual thing but let's say that I was inspired by graphics such as these:


I still have not had my proper shower then, my hair was dripping wet and I cannot recall where I left my solitaire studs. A few months of this and despite all the jumping out of bed (which I was trying to convince myself that it was good exercise), I still have my post pregnancy + post natal depression fats to lose (the PND drugs made me fat.) Add that to severe lack of rest, I was certainly no where near to being a yummy mummy. 

Fast forward to a few years on, we are doing much better now that the dogs are used to Dumpling's routine and they nap too. It has been hard the first 6 months easing everyone (and every dog) into the routine. I have lost some weight along the way, catching the same cold and illness that I am trying to nurse Dumpling from. 

The great news? Dumpling did not get mauled and is still very much alive (did I mention that my dogs are known as the terrifying breed - american cocker spaniels?) and yes, while there have been many "misses", we are doing ok as a dog-baby (and many other pets in between but that's for the next story) family. 

So the verdict? Here's Goldie :) 


  1. hahaha love the Not Guilty Goldie picture :) You're already a yummy mummy with perfectly poufed hair! yay!!! :) AND baby's not dead!!! and neither are the dogs! nor the hubbs! yay!!! hahahhaa :) You're doing great, gal! :)

    1. You are so good for my soul Pam. Lol.. Well you'd better say something nice so I don't bring them over to your place and have them sit on the twins :D

  2. It seems like my 2 babies were used to my dog's barking (he's always the doorbell, barking when any body is at our door). So much so they don't seem too fuss when my dog barks. Thankfully!

  3. Hi lilsnooze,

    Thanks for stopping by! I wish I'd your 'luck'! My dogs are hyper and my daughter is a very light sleeper ('cos of the "super sonic" hearing lol) so it was tough initially. Am glad we made it through. Alive. Oreo says thanks and she is grateful that you are letting me know she is not the only "doorbell" around. :)

  4. Love your post! And your obvious sense of humour. LOL! I was never a "dog" person (nor any pet, for that matter) so I cannot imagine having a dog AND caring for my kids at the same time. U totally are a cool mama in my books! :)

    1. Hi San, thanks for dropping by and your kind words. :) Thank goodness you know me now instead of then with the drowned-rat matted hair look. Definitely not cool. Lol. Oreo and Goldie say that you are welcome to visit and pat them anytime. They promise not to give you any disease >.<

  5. I Love it that they are known as: Goldie, Oreo and Dumpling :)
    Catch up soon?

  6. Hi Belle,

    LOL, yes, only close friends and family would probably laugh and smile at the choices of names used. :)

    Yes, let's meet soon. Next week?


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