Monday, August 20, 2012

$10 Meal - Dish 1 (Chicken Macaroni Fishball Soup!)

I don’t know about you but I am totally in love with 1 dish/pot wonder. Truly, madly, deeply.

I love to cook but as a working mum the amount of time I get to spend in the kitchen is really quite a stretch. There are a few classic 1-pot wonder dishes we make at home and I decided to make myself a challenge – 5 days of recipe sharing but that’s not all... :o) 

They have to be all within a budget of $10! 

Impossible? Well, follow me over the next few days and find out!

Here's the recipe for Dish/Meal#1!

Chicken Macaroni Fishball Soup

The items:

1) 1 Honey Baked Chicken from Cold Storage ~ $4.99

(Look out for special promos like these from your friendly neighbourhood supermarkets. I could add in chicken to the dish as it was on promotion at just $4.99 from Cold Storage)

2) 1 packet of fishball ~ $2 (I bought mine from Giant)

3) 1 packet green vegetables ~ $0.60 (from Giant too)

4) 1 packet of macaroni ~ $1.70

Total amount: $9.29

Money left: $0.71!

To cook: (serves 3 - 4 pax)

Step 1: Shred the chicken, and use the chicken bones for stock. Add in a tad of oyster sauce 

Step 2: While waiting for the stock, in a separate pot, boil water and cook the macaroni (add salt and a bit of oil. In my household, 1 packet feeds about 4-5 adults + 1 kid so please cook according to your family size

Step 3: Wash the vegetables and keep aside

Step 4: Add in fishballs and vegetables to the broth

Step 5: When the macaroni is cooked (different brands have different cooking time, so please read the instructions on the packet), dish it out and place in separate servings.

Step 6: Add in the soup + fishballs + vegetables to the serving mentioned in step 5

Step 7: Place the shredded chicken over the macaroni

Step 8: Serve hot, add in shallots to taste.

What our family loves about this dish? Its yummy, quick and wholesome. :o) Enjoy!

Click here for Dish #2: wholesome beef stew!

Disclaimer: I am a regular shopper at Cold Storage and Giant hence the promos and pricing shown here are from these 2 supermarket chains. I am not being compensated in any way by them. Though *ahem*, it would be nice to have a vouchers and while we are at it, a supply of pull up pants and formula milk. LOL (Yes, I know, they are not to do with the food items for this post!) 

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