Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Complete Tooth Fairy Kit - Review + Giveaway!

2014 has been a fun yet emotional parenthood ride for me. There have been many firsts and many big decisions amongst which was to enroll her into Primary school for formal education. The kiddo is growing up fast and like all parents, I get sappy when I look at her milestones which remind me that she is growing way too fast.

While her friends cut their first tooth at 7-9 months old, Dumpling cut hers at 11months old so I naturally thought that she will not drop her first tooth until much later, having seen friends’ sharing on Facebook on how their children are dropping their baby teeth. Or so I thought.

Lo and behold, she excitedly screamed to me, one evening, not too many weeks back that her bottom incisor was a bit wobbly. And I was going “oh dear, not so fast!” But of course, she was right, her tooth became more and more wobbly over the next few days with her asking us repeatedly when her tooth would drop. And it finally did, one and a half weeks later when she first discovered her tooth was wobbly.

(Exuberant as you can tell...) 
Frankly, I died a little inside, but at moments like these, what’s a parent ‘gonna’ do except to paste a smile on my face and preserve this momentous milestone, the best that I can.
We were gifted with this kit last year at Dumpling's BD party and my first thought then was that it was really pretty and really cute! 

The kit certainly lived up to its name - it was definitely COMPLETE.

:: The kit consists of:
- A sheet of paper (to write to Tooth Fairy)
- A small Tooth / Coin Pouch (for the kiddo to place her tooth inside and for the 'Tooth Fairy' to place a coin in it)
- A door hanger (hey, the kid has to ensure that the fairy makes a definite stop right?) &
- A baby tooth album which comes as a flapbook and has a baby tooth chart (to chart the momentous date of course!)
The really cool thing is that the album has slots for specific tooth - in our case, it was the bottom right front incisor and this was 'labelled' by way of drawing above the slots too

Besides being able to record the dates, the chart also has information on the approximate 'shedding' date.
She also made sure that she hung the Door Hanger on the bedroom door so no one misses out on her tooth... Best of all, it comes in pink AND blue making it a perfect gift!
I am excited to share that I have NOT 1 but 2 kits (worth a total of $70) to giveaway!
Enter the Rafflecopter below and stand a chance to win! Good Luck!
:: Terms and Conditions:
- Entries that do not fulfill the requirements stated will be disqualified without notice.
- Winners will be notified by email, through the email address provided.
- This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only. 
Disclaimer: The sponsorship of this giveaway is by Chicks and KoalasNo monetary compensation was received for this post.

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  1. The sweetest memory I have when my children are growing up is seeing them reach every important milestone in their infancy stage... From their first chuckles, to their first crawl, to their first unaided walk on two legs.

  2. The sweetest memory that I have when my children growing up is to see them from a small baby to now being able to complete simple task on their own and to be able to communicate with me.

  3. My sweetest memory was when my girl first called me Mama

  4. My sweetest memory was the first day that I saw her in her 'birthday suit' at the delivery ward. Fiona

  5. The sweetest memory is when they smile at me when they woke up in the morning.

  6. My fondest memories of my kids growing up is when they first learn to call papa & mama and the babbles that are absolutely cute!
    Evelyn Hu

  7. Their first pre school concert

  8. Every of their 'firsts' is sweet to me. Like you, my eldest son (in P1) just drop his first lower central insicor tooth a few weeks ago. My hubby and I are both very excited because this is the ultimate sign of our son becoming a big kid.:-)

  9. The fondest moment is when I first saw them in the delivery ward.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  10. So many sweetest moments! I have to say the first time when he made a bracelet as a Mother's Day gift for me.

  11. My sweetest memory was my girl's sweetest smile whenever she is happy and bring tears to me whenever she is upset.


  12. My sweetest moment is when she made me angry she will ask for forgiven and a hug to me.

  13. My sweetest moment is when he runs to me and hugs me for no reason!
    Adeline /

  14. My sweetest memory is whenever they snuggle up with me!
    Thank you very much for this giveaway!!! My elder son has started dropping his milk teeth and I am keeping his dropped milk teeth in zip-lock bag only :( Hope to win this so that I can keep them properly and pass it to him eventually!


  15. We are making memories everyday. They are all incomparable and sweet in their own way.

    Our latest, most exciting memory happened just last Monday. We were waiting for the school gate to open when my son laugh with such a big mouth with me, that I saw 2 tinee cuties peeking at me. 2 new permanent teeth have erupted with no other signs, the babies weren't even shaky. It was a test of patience for me when the gates open just at that moment and teachers motion for us to go in. I just could not contained my excitement and share the news with all the teachers I met that day. I had to wait 5 whole hours for my son to return from his school trip before I could admire them properly! That night, we had a long bedtime chat. Instead of having the usual reading of bedtime stories, we made up our own by giving the 2 newbies name: Pinky and Ponky. Their babies were named: Blastar and Blisty respectively. It took us another 19 hours or so of wait for our earliest dental appointment possible. In the meanwhile, I made my son open his mouth every now and then. =P. Glad to say, he now as a habit of going the the mirror to check on Pinky and Ponky like a new Papa telling me how many nano meters they have grown since he last check. Blasty and Blastar are expected to make way within these 2 weeks. Oh gosh, that kit would be so useful for us to record down our memory! Hmm.....I wonder if Pinky and Ponky are going the be sweet-tooth?

    Ooy Yoan

  16. My sweetest memory of my little one was when I accidentally hurt myself once and he immediately ran over to me to check on me. When I told him what happened, he gave me a big hug and kissed my hand where I'd burned myself. He was barely 2 and hadn't started talking yet but his action transcended his inability to verbalise at that point. I still get all warm amd fuzzy inside recalling that moment.

    Rina Lim

  17. When my baby calls me "ma ma" for the first time =D

    Meiyi (

  18. the sweetest memory is when my little girl called me mamee

    Cynthia Lau

  19. Oh! I love this Tooth Fairy Kit! I have to say I love to record every sweetest moments for my 2 princesses. I still can remember when my eldest girl first tooth came out at 7/12/2006 and her first tooth dropped on 26/2/2012. I love to record every sweetest moments for both of them. Hope I can win this Tooth Fairy Kit for my younger daughter.

    KaRen Ong

  20. My sweetest moment is when my first born goes to Primary 1. He buys me a garlic bread using his pocket money.

    1. Serene Leow
      FB Name: Ace Serene

  21. The sweetest memory was on the morning of my birthday, then my 2.5 yo suddenly sang happy birthday song to me when i was changing his diaper. I asked everyone, no one taught him and i dunno how come he did that, but is truly the most touching bdae ever.

  22. Talk about apt timing. We are overseas n on a mountain and we had to extract my 6yo's tooth ourselves this morning!

  23. The sweetest moment was the first time I held her in my arms.

    Angeline Ng

  24. Phew, I am a bit too late! This giveaway looks cool.. Need to be next time I guess .. Hehe

  25. May I know where can I buy the kit?


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