Thursday, September 4, 2014

中秋节 - Free Printable Download

I personally feel that Chinese celebrations and festivals are losing their significance here in Singapore with the kiddos. Ask any kid and he / she can tell you about Christmas or Easter bunny but when you ask them about Dumpling festival or Mid Autumn Festival, not many would know the story or how it came about.

I make it a point to revisit these festivals and how they came about with the kiddo every year. I have been using series of books which is on 传统节日 and for 中秋节 (mid autumn festival), here's how the book looks like:

I bought some ingredients and will be making the snow skin mooncakes with the kiddo. We made them before when she was about 3 though her role was more of the kneading and eating kind. :p

At the same time, I also made a 中秋节 Printable Pack which you can download by clicking on the link (more so a mini pack actually as I was running short on time!) to extend the learning with Dumpling. It's fairly straightforward where she practised a bit of writing,

And thereafter I extended it to some Han Yu Pin Yin work: (you can add on to it like I did or if your child is new to HYPY, you can write the 韵母 but ask your child to fill up the 声母),

And to a bit of drawing / illustration and Oracy fun, I added on the activity below which the child is able to tap on his / her imagination. 

After she drew it, I got her to name the various parts of her 'house' (in her case more so a castle lol!) and she came up with her own mythological creature - a hippogriff which she calls 河马鱼。

For those of you readers who do not have the story book, I have included 1.5 pages of the story in the printable pack along with 2 video links (links are mentioned on the cover page) for your easy reference. There is also a page on word recognition / vocabulary and another on comprehension.

As this was meant just as a 1-2 lesson activity so the pack is relatively short. If you wish, you can extend on your own to make crafts - lanterns or mooncakes like us! I hope that you enjoy this mini printable pack!

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