Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - Discover Music with Uncle Peter

Dumpling has been on her violin journey for just around 2 years and it has been a learning journey even for mum here too. :) Learning a musical instrument is a fairly hard journey (to me at least) as it is a very fine line trying to balance the children's interest and ensuring that she needs to learn what she has to for the week.

Amongst the things that I do to help encourage that interest is to bring her for musicals, theatrical plays, listening to music CDs, watch youtube videos of her favorite violinist and attending the concerts by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO). I must say that we are quite fortunate in Singapore as the SSO puts up concerts very frequently and even has concerts for children. Beyond that, there's CDs which they sell at a booth whenever there's any performances. 

I saw this book at one of the booths and bought it many months ago but only opened it recently. The book comes with a CD and has activity pages too.

The CD is narrated by Uncle Peter who gives a general introduction of music to children and a general introduction to the various groups of musical instruments - strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.

Uncle Peter also takes the children through musical terms (with appropriate accompanying music) and where he also explains dynamics and the 'make up' of the Orchestra.

Using the famous Peter and the Wolf piece by Prokofiev, Uncle Peter also introduces how various instruments are being used to mimic the various animals in the story in a succinct manner.

What the kiddo also enjoys are the activity pages peppered in each section - the illustrations are adorable and the colours are bright and colourful!

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