Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Your Thoughts #2 - Music for Young Children

I met Yasser in one of Dumpling's violin classes and realised that he was a visitor from Egypt, visiting various schools to understand the music landscape in Singapore. Dumpling and I were naturally excited as he is the first Egyptian we ever met (and especially when we did an intensive homeschool unit on Egypt some months back) and I enjoyed the short chat and the honest sharing by Yasser who was really encouraging towards Dumpling's violin journey.
"Singapore is a great place to study music. You have good music schools here. My 10 year-old son learns the violin too. He wanted to give up at one point but I encouraged him to continue with it. Violin is an intense instrument but do not give up.
Encourage your children to continue for as long as they can. Bring your children for concerts and musicals, expose them to different experiences and make it applicable to them. Being able to play an instrument is great - it allows your children to have an avenue to express themselves. They will appreciate it when they are older."

Yasser El Serafi
Cairo Symphony Orchestra
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