Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SG Fit and Fab 30 Blog Train!

Before being a mum, I was exercising 5 days a week and was really healthy and fit. Ironically I piled on the after pregnancy (I put on only 7odd kg during pregnancy because I was still exercising throughout) because of the post natal drugs.

Due to our homeschooling commitments (I homeschool after work) I have been putting my exercise regime on hold for years. I did randomly try a routine out but have not been able to keep to it. That is until the kiddo got older and wanted ice skating classes. 

It ended up being a weekly sort of exercise for us both and I realised how much I miss working out.

So slowly, I added on a swimming session here and there, added on one practice night at the rink, and then added on Yoga (I bought myself a DVD by Seane Corn) for those 'in-between' nights when I am not at the rink or at the pool or when the weather does not forbid me to head out. 

I started sleeping better and I started feeling 'better' too. It is not so much energy level 'cos on the contrary, my energy level has always been very high since young but I started feeling happier that I am getting stronger and leaner. 

What added to my determination to get a routine going was a fall I had at the rink about a month plus back - I landed somewhat awkwardly and landed hard (2 men and a 'seal' - one of the skating aids cut into my lane) and I tripped and landed hard. I could literally feel the vibrations and the impact up my back AND all the way to my gums and teeth!

To add to the complication, I have Scoliosis so my back is not something that I take likely. With Scoliosis, having a strong core is even more important as I need it to support my trunk (body) since my back muscles may not be enough. So, that started a journey of (almost) nightly crunches and variations of planks.

I reached out to my blogger mummy friends asking them to join me in my workout - be it more convenient approaches such as climbing the steps or walking. The idea is to try to keep a routine going for 30 days (read somewhere prior that is how long it takes for a routine to set in) and we cheer each other on, via Instagram

I am happy to say that some of us have survived a month of this routine though there are times we miss out a day or 2. To say that I am proud is an understatement. :) 

From picking up skating as something just recreational...

I have learnt to also be more confident in tackling the harder moves (doing a one foot overlapping turn on ice. Pic below is demo-ed on land)

To taking it up as a personal challenge to improve (and yay! I passed level 3!!!!)

To having bonding time with the kiddo

I dislike jogging and this is something which I have not ventured into but for the cardio aspect, I revisited my love for swimming :)  

(Looking mighty pleased because I started taking it slow at the start of this challenge and swam 20 laps in 50 mins. After a month odd, I am clocking 28 laps in 50!!!)

From building up strength and perseverance... 

and to increasing flexibility through Yoga

Along the way, I came to realise that in a lot of instances, besides being hardpressed for time, it's also the mental barriers that I have to work on. How I am tired, it is ok to rest for yet another day to how am I going to be able to clock the 28 laps again. 

For me, it boils down to 3 things:

1) Consistency 
I hate abs work. I seriously do. But I try not to give myself an excuse given the state of my back so I do it as the kiddo is watching TV (I sneak in peeks every now and then) to make the work less 'hard'. I learnt that I dislike the thought of doing it but once I start, there actually is nothing to it. 

2) Keep the target real
I do try and stretch myself daily but I also keep the 'target' real. I did not go from 20 laps to 28 immediately but paced myself over a few weeks. I increased my crunches from 3 sets of 20 to 3 sets of 30/35 slowly too. Make the sessions into bite size achievable targets

3) Have fun and have mates cheering for you! 
This is where the ice skating comes it. The 30 - 45 min class is not hard but the repetitive practice of the same moves is where I start to feel the workout yet do not feel that it is boring (like what jogging is to me. :p) Importantly, this is where my blogger mummy friends come in. I feel a surge of motivation whenever I read their updates on instagram. You can opt for such 'exercise buddies too' even virtually :)

And of course, celebrate small successes (while not washboard perfect, here's my abs with a bit more definition after 3+ weeks of hard work)  

Interested to find out more tips from other mums? I am pleased to share that, together with 8 other blogger mums, we will be sharing a bit more on our journey to be fitter and healthier with you. Here's sharing our blog train schedule!


8 - 22 Aug: Elizabeth @motherkao (Link updated!) 
25 - 29 Aug: Jenn from @ mylilbookworm 
1 - 5 Sept: Mei @ finallymama
8 - 12 Sept: Winnie @ toddlymum  
15 - 19 Sept: Angelia @ growinghearts123
22 - 27 Sept: Michelle @ mzmichhon
29 Sept - 3 Oct: Shermeen @ meeningfully
6 - 10 Oct: Adeline Tan @GrowingwiththeTans

Next up,  I have Elizabeth from motherkao to share her journey with us!

Elizabeth is a mother to three rambunctious kids. She wifes, moms and writes at motherkao.com. The last strenuous exercise she ever did was pushing a baby out two years ago and she has been unfit ever since.

She’s trying to keep fit again and has joined the Great Eastern Women’s Run as an influencer. Follow her on her blog to see how she would ‘pengsan’ again and again, conquering one kilometre at a time.

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  1. Great start to the blog train! I still need to get my gym schedule going else cannot make it for the November run. BTW, can you help check the link to my page? Seems a bit wonky

    1. Hi dear, thanks for joining in the blog hop! :) Link was amended!

  2. I hate jogging too! I think I need to squeeze in a swim in the pool

    1. That makes you and me Madeline! I have not been able to hit the pool 'cos of the weather and it is making me cranky from the lack of exercise!

  3. This is inspiring!! Especially the ice skating development and realistic target setting. Thanks for sharing and am so glad to hop in this with you all! : )

    1. Hi! Please do join us and cheer us on too! :)

  4. totally agree with the part on keeping the target real. I have gone on exercising regimes on the spur of the moment but never quite been able to keep up. I must also thank you for starting this initiative. It is because of this, I am now exercising at least once a week. In the past, I can go on for months not exercising!

    1. Yay! Jai You Shermeen. I realised that it is now a part of my ritual as my body is getting used to the regularly exercises. So hang in there and I think you will have similar experiences too! :)


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