Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Through her eyes #8 - Project Tooth Keeper

"When you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth. <>
When you go to bed at night, brush your teeth <>"
(To the tune of "When you're happy and you know it")

"Mama, I like the tooth fairy because her dress is pretty. I like Baby Cat because she is funny and a bit naughty, just like me!" 

(From left to right: Baby Cat, Sister Cat & the popular Tooth Fairy)

:: The skit
Dumpling and I had the chance to watch a short skit put up by these 4 final year students from Nanyang Technological University’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Centred around a family of cats - Mama Cat, Sister Cat and Baby Cat, the story aims to educate the little ones on the importance of hygiene and dental care. 

The skit is interactive and is filled with funny moments where Dumpling was left giggling over Baby Cat's funny antics - how she tries to sneak in candies and 'outsmarted' Mama Cat by eating peanut butter (since it is not sweet!) instead.

From a parental viewpoint, I like that the main song is catchy and the message was very effectively put across. The team was also able to establish an easy rapport with the audience (the toughest kind I'd say with a bunch of active preschoolers) and it was clear that they won the hearts of these kids with their brilliant smiles through the lovely tale.

Dumpling loves the skit and can still recall the song that was being sung. So how did she rate the skit? 
She gives it "two thumbs up"!

She added and recommends for "all mummies and daddies to bring their children to watch this because it is very funny and very cute. I like the show."

:: The History
Project Tooth Keeper is a final year project a group of final year communication students from NTU (Grace Chow, Nina Zainudin, Emily Ho & Susmitha Changaroth) on children's oral health. The project came about due to a worrying statistic that showed more preschool children in Singapore are getting tooth decay. Project Tooth Keeper, in partnership with the Singapore Dental Association, aims to promote good parenting and education on children's oral health, focusing on parents with children from 0 - 6 years old. 

So, who will win the most beautiful smile in the land? Keen to find out more? 

Join the team this Sunday, 9 March at Woodlands Regional Library, where your kiddos can learn about the importance of "Brush Well, Eat Right & Visit the Dentist" while you parents can learn more about how you can help the kiddos in the various talks at the Forum. :) 

Here's where you can sign up



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