Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - 如果地球被我们吃掉了

Originally a French title (Quand Nous Aurons Mange La Planete], the cover caught my attention. "What if we ate up the world?"

:: The story
The story, aptly titled, discusses conservation and ecological concerns in a somewhat different manner. It poses questions to the readers on the various situations to provoke them to think deeper.  

"What if, we ate up the last apple..."  

"What if we were to sell off the last few puffs of fresh air?"

Where it then leads into the moral of the story. "In the end, all that we are left with is money; money which cannot be eaten..." 

:: What we like about it
For such a big topic, I thought that it would be hard for the children to understand. But the way the book was written was to question and engage the reader into thinking deeper - through inferences made, the 'cause and effect' discussed as well as the "artwork" used. 

The artwork for the book is using a collage format where the various scenes were pieced together where children can draw further conclusions from. 

Because Dumpling is able to read some simple sentences, I also like that there is no Han Yu Pin Yin. Though it has a big message, the sentences / questions posed were kept short and fairly simple. 

:: Extended Activity
Inspiration struck and we then extended it to doing a simple 'booklet' (all of 4 pages, ha!) where Dumpling hunted, tore and cut various pictures from magazines and brochures to form the scenes she wanted to write about. 

"What if we were to finish the last drop of water..."

It was a great activity for us as it allows us to discuss the ecological concerns, food chain and how it impacts the world in Mandarin.

Dumpling understood and you can see from the below how she drew the conclusion of "What if we were to finish the very last fruit (or vegetation for the matter) without replanting them?" She then asked me "What would the animals eat?" And because we found a picture of 2 panda bears, she thought about it and said "熊猫就没有叶子吃了,就会没有熊猫了。。。"

A truly lovely book which can be enjoyed for the younger children as a "read a loud' or to enjoy the illustration but a great title for the K level children to read independently and enjoy the greater message in the title. 

I am pleased to share that Read with Me Mommy is sponsoring one copy of this title (hardcover!) for a giveaway. :)

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Disclosure: I received a copy of 如果地球被我们吃掉了 for the purpose of the review and to share my experience. 


  1. Love the collage Dumpling made =)

  2. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! This is a nice book to add to our mini library :) Hope to win.


  3. Thank you for the review & giveaway.
    I will grab a copy if I do not win it.


  4. Hope to win this book! Thanks or hosting this giveaway.

    We try not to waste paper especially for my 4 yr old's doodling... we always save mailers etc from junk mail to use for drawing on the under side.


  5. Do not waste water, is what I teach my girls
    Teo Yee Long

  6. I request my children not to waste food as there are many other children elsewhere without food to eat

  7. Love the flowers, love the plants, love the trees.

  8. I will get my girl to draw on both sides of paper before throwing away.


  9. Switch off all lights when not in the room to save electricity

  10. I teach my child to recycle used clean water for which purposes now. For example the bath water of baby is now for flushing and washing of feet.


  11. Hope to win this giveaway.

  12. I educate them to save water.

  13. Interesting book! Hope to win it! Especially apt in such hazy weather!
    May I know where can I buy the book (if I dont win? :( )?


    1. Hi Coolie Ami,

      You can buy the book from Read with Me Mommy here: http://www.readwithmemommy.com/product_info.php?products_id=159

      Do remember to enter the code BEANIENUS at the checkout for a 10% savings. :)

  14. We segregate the recyclable materials such as plastic and glass bottles, newspapers and clothes into different bags for the recycling company to collect thereby reducing waste disposal and its harmful gases by product and save resources as well.

    Thanks for organising the giveaways.

    Email: evelynnlp@yahoo.com.sg

  15. Trying my luck here to win this giveaway for my son..Thanks!

  16. We always recycle newspapers by using it to clean our windows, wrap vegetable and bringing the rest to IKEA for their "paper porridge".

    Xgg Chan

  17. Thanks for the giveaway. I'm sure the story will excite my kids!

    Ruby Lee-Tok

  18. Forgot to add conservation idea:

    We recycle almost everything that can be recycled.
    We save up the water used to wash rice to wash oily woks and utensils as the water has good degreasing power! We save water and save detergent too!

  19. water e plants with water from washing rice.

  20. we recycle the plastic bags we get and try to use our eco bags whenever possible.

  21. We teach the kids not to waste food.

  22. my girl like to "waste" water during her bathtime. this will be a good book that teaches her to protect the environment and to have good values.

  23. Switch off the light after leave the room.

  24. we recycle the kumon workbooks by laminating it and using marker to write and wipe

  25. My kids doodle on unwated letters and papers from our letter box! Interesting cartoons or pictures, I will save it aside for my kids art and craft session.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. HI..

    Awesome book with great illustrations...

    We always remember to switch off the light & fans as soon as we leave the room...


  28. So nice to have a book focusing on the importance of being environmentally friendly.
    I use recyclable shopping bags whenever possible, and I also used to bring my own container when buying takeaway for lunch at the canteen.

  29. We love using recycled material for craft time.
    hoping to win this! Thanks.

    Eunice Wee

  30. Conversation on why we should save water as my son loves to play water during bath time and use a lot of water unnecessarily.


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