Thursday, January 9, 2014

Through her eyes #1 - Bye Bye Butterflies

From a recent Homelearning Field Trip which I helped to organise, some 30 odd kiddos not only had a chance to tour Butterfly Lodge and understand a bit more about this beautiful insect but many also brought home with them a caterpillar kit to rear and watch the metamorphosis process.

Our caterpillars pupate only after  4 - 5 days and was at that stage for the longest time! And as 'luck' would have it, we were out the morning when both emerged from their chrysalis! What greeted us when we reached home after lunch was not 1 but 2 butterflies! Dumpling was thrilled to bits!

This was our 3rd time rearing them and compared to the second time (first set did not make it, our caterpillar died after 4 days for some reason), Dumpling is a lot better at saying 'Goodbyes'.

She kept telling me that the butterflies were beautiful and was really happy that they "made it this time"!

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