Monday, January 13, 2014

Homelearning Field Trip - Butterfly Lodge

The Homelearning for Preschoolers Community ended the year on a fluttery note (sorry, cant help it!) when we visited the Butterfly Lodge for an afternoon tour. The tour started with a talk by one of the staff where he shared some interesting facts on the life cycle, habits of caterpillars, anatomy, etc.

As with any tours / workshops, the most 'popular' part is always the interactive session. For the kiddos that afternoon, it was more of a HAIRY session. LOL Most of the kiddos had a great time being up close and personal with the caterpillars while some prefer admiring from a 'safer' distance. As Dumpling is not new to caterpillars (since we have reared them twice), she was ok with handling them.

Despite the drizzle, the high spirits were not dampened as the kids donned on their raincoats for a walk in the lodge.

The lodge is a 'netted' dome where butterflies roam freely and the children can observe them in a natural setting. This is definitely not for those who have a phobia of flying insects though...

Halfway through the walk, Dumpling suddenly called out to me in a small voice "Mama, look! I have a butterfly on me!"

The excitement was not over even after the tour! What awaited the children were... 


Even Mama Sue here could not resist 'holding' and interacting with one!

The kiddos also had a chance to bring home a caterpillar kit (at $5 with 2 caterpillars inside and leaves provided for) to observe the metamorphosis process.

Dumpling was really happy that her butterflies 'made it' and took great pleasure in releasing them.

If you are keen to visit Butterfly Lodge (part of Oh Farms) here's more details:

Contact No.: 6753 8011
Address: 14A Bah Soon Pah Road,
Singapore 769970
Tour information:

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  1. How do i join the homelearning preschooler community ? Jaime

    1. Hi Jaime

      Will drop you a note via email soon!

    2. Hi Alicia , could u share with me too? Thanks!

    3. Hi there, is this email address linked to your FB account? It did not come up in the FB search. Please email me instead. Thanks

  2. Hi dear. How can join your community?

    1. Hi, it's via FB invitation so please email me your email address which is linked to your FB account :)

  3. Hi Alicia, Happy New Year !

    I am quite amused by your experiences and efforts for the homeschooling in the pre-school stage, maybe I've missed some of your posts, as you are a working mum, if you can sign post some of your previous notes you would prepare a home activity/ topic everyday with your daughter after your work ? may I know if you had rather stable working hours but full time ? or flexible working hours etc. ?

    and apart from home-learning, dumpling was also attending some regular classes like Chinese , Arts and Crafts and community field trip rite ?

    wish you and your family a wonderful year 2016 !


    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Yes, I homeschool my kid during her preschool years and I think you can look under the tab "homelearning". Like a regular homeschool coop, some parents organise field trips and outings and I do so from time to time too (hence the Chinese Speech and Drama / Farm visits). I also bring her out on other field trips whenever we had interesting exhibitions in SG - e.g. some exhibits from the British Museum. I hoemschooled her daily after work which spans about 2+ hours.

      I do not have day-to-day regular lesson plans as it is very much child directed - she may be asking questions about for e.g. Greek Myths (because she watched Percy Jackson) and we would read up and journal about it. I believe in activities which are meaningful for the children so that they can relate to it.

      Happy New Year to you too!


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