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Privi-Kids: our choice! Review + a giveaway!

I am pretty sure that the idea of online shopping came from a female. And perhaps a mum at that. I could never lug a kid around in crowded malls. The number of times I have been out to the malls since I had Dumpling is definitely less than 10 times a year (the neighhourhood one not withstanding since the library is in the mall and yes, am a dork). So where do I buy our stuff from? I prowl on the internet for online shops. From groceries to books to learning resources to clothes, online shops are my best friends.

:: Range of sizes

I chanced upon Privi-Kids last year as I was looking for a gift for a girlfriend who was having her second child, to add to a gift 'basket' I was making. I wanted to look for a matching dress for the firstborn and the infant and I was really glad to find it here. Sizes at the shop usually start from size 1 or 2 and go to size 7 or 8. This would be great for parents with same gender kiddos who want to wear the same design!

:: Clean design, easy navigation

I have to admit that what draws me to the site is that the design and background colors are kept clean and simple. I have come across sites which are hard to navigate and has a really busy background which I personally find distracting (ok, am anal) as I like items with print. At times, I find it hard to choose because the background of the webpage clashes with the prints!

Navigation tabs on Privi-Kids are kept simple with clear drop-down menus too. 

:: Checkout 

Checkout is as simple as 4 steps and the best part is, because it is a local shop, it allows for 'bank transfer' as a payment option! How convenient is that?!?

:: Spoilt for choices

With Chinese New Year around the corner, I have been shopping online again and here are my picks for Dumpling for this  Chinese New Year!

For something dressy... 

There's something about this piece that Dumpling really likes. It could be the nice soft jade colour or it could be the soft silky feel of this long dress but upon receiving it, she immediately chose to wear this for a reunion luncheon with my folks.

This piece features simple girly details like faux pearl buttons and 'drawstrings' at the shoulder area to create soft ripples, giving it a romantic look :)

For playdates...

For outdoor casual play dates, we love spaghetti dresses and tops. You can do no wrong with this simple yet cheery sundress. And in red too, how apt! You can choose to dress it up with a fancy hairclip (like below) or a simple necklace (yes, my kiddo has necklaces)!

(While Dumpling was waiting for me to test my camera and lighting, she started practising various expressions and angles... She will probably hate me for sharing these shots in future but... :p)

From the exaggerated expression...

To a serious poser...

To an angelic shot, this dress clearly takes you places (and faces too I must say!) :p

For something that has a bit of 'Cheeky Fun'

I am not big on petticoats / poofy skirts but I am BIG on tulle, layering and texture. Dumpling has loads of simple tops at home and I am always on the lookout for nice shorts and skirts. When I saw this 'Fairy Skirt' I added it to my cart IMMEDIATELY...

This skirt has a pink under-layer and an almost turquoise blue tulle over it. Coupled with a silver waistband and a pink bow, it is every girl's 'fairy' dream. :) 

I had originally brought Dumpling's violin down as a prop for the shoot but she started playing on it and I could 'see' how beautiful this skirt would be in a black and white photo too because of the layering and textured effect. I'd  let you be the judge!

As always, I have good 'lobangs' to share! Just for Beanie N Us readers, here's a 10% discount code! 

Simply key in BEANIENUS10 at the checkout!

I am also pleased to share that 1 lucky winner gets to select 1 outfit from Privi-Kids!
Here's how to win:

Earn credits using Rafflecopter below by:

1) Clicking 'Like' on my Blog Facebook page
2) Clicking 'Like' on Privikids Facebook page 
3) Leaving a comment on the comment section on "Which outfit you like and why?" 
4) Sharing this post with your friends on your FB page! 
(For Singapore residents only)

The more credits you earn, the higher your chances of winning! :) 

Disclosure: I was invited to shop at PriviKids for the purpose of sharing my experience. No monetary compensation was received though Dumpling got to keep those really cool dresses and skirt after the shoot! All outfits featured are from PriviKids (except the white top paired with the Fairy Skirt). Shoes, hairclip and violin are model's own. Stylist, hairstylist, personal shopper and photographer - model's talented mum. :D

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  1. I like the spaghetti dress, which is so fitting for our climate.

  2. I love long dresses, looks very feminine :)

  3. I like the modern day chic!

  4. Spaghetti dress is so cool !!!

  5. Would like to win the spaghetti dress

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the fairy tulle! But the way Kristy carries herself (ahem), I believe she will find the red spaghetti dress much more comfy.

    1. This is so important! How can u forget my details hhehehe

      Shirley Yong

  8. El saw and loves the fairy tulle skirt!!


  9. Love the little gentlemen set because it's versatile for all occasions and material is comfy to wear in sunny singapore!


  10. I like the all star jumper and blue printed shirt!


  11. Love the green dress! I think my Princess would love it too as she prefers longer dresses.


  12. I love Fairy Skirt, simple yet chic.


  13. Like the jade green dress cos it looks really soft.

  14. you're right, the black and white photo ROCKS!!

    1. :D it's such a nice piece Adora. With the breeze we had that evening, the tulle layer was swishing a little. I love the shot too!

  15. Love the tulle skirt and white spag top!

  16. Love the tulle skirt


  17. My girls love the fairy tulle.
    Ker Min

  18. Love the tulle skirt! So feminine!

  19. Gotta love that pretty Fairy Skirt! My favourite!



  20. would love to win the Dark Pink Lace Dress!

    thank you for hosting!


  21. Love the jade long dress.

    Carol Lim Mei Mei,

  22. like the monkey shirt with straight cut pants in orange!

    Robert Sim,

  23. Chiffon floral graphic dress

  24. Hope to win a romantic dress for my girl for the coming Valentine's day :)

  25. I hope to win the Casual Bermudas in White (PKBB10) for my son for his coming birthday!

    Xgg Chan


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