Thursday, January 16, 2014

Through her eyes #2 - La Mian 拉面!

The food court near my home is not exceptionally large where the choices are very much the usual Chicken Rice, Mix Economical Rice, Korean, Japanese, Fishball noodles, etc. I was with Dumpling at VivoCity food court recently and her eyes suddenly brightened with life and she sat there watching one of the stalls. She then excitedly told me “妈妈, 看! 拉面!" (Mum, look! Its 'La Mian!)

One of the most interesting topics her Chinese classes did last year was on Cuisines around the World - 世界美食。I recalled that Dumpling made mini paus and La Mian with simple dough the teachers provided. What I always took for granted and would walk past the stall without a second glance was something no lesser than an "Art Form" for Dumpling as she stood there, watching in awe as the skillful chef 'spun' noodles on-the-go. Then she said "Mama, the chef has KUNG FU!" (I blame this on Kung Fu Panda. Pffff)

And of course, the homeschooling mum in me could not resist taking the opportunity to explain to her how the strands of noodles would double with every 'fold' the 师父 made. :) What has your child shown you this week? 

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