Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: Introducing Barking Good Singapore!

Our adopted dog, J, needs no introduction as you would have seen clips and videos of her on my Blog FB Page. J What I have learnt since we adopted J is that with rescue dogs, most are often quite timid.

That posed as a BIG challenge for us initially as we had problems even getting her out of the house for a walk! She sometimes still resist walks and would freeze with us having to tug her along. Once we start, she will be fine as she realises that we are not abandoning her (I guess! :p).

Even during obedience training, it was a bit of a struggle as she’d often be so overwhelmed outside that she couldn’t concentrate. It took us a bit of time and many walks plus many hours of training before she trusted us to guide and lead her.

Jaime also has a peculiar habit of not eating outside until she feels safe. For our obedience training, that proved to be an issue as we needed her to work on a few simple commands. Therein, the trick lies in the treats!

J was blessed with some snacks from Barking Good SG which goes by using ONY human grade ingredients.

Here’s what we received:
  1. 5 inch Beef Pie (R.P: $12)
  2. Cheddar and Apple Biscuits (R.P: $14)
  3. Catch of the Day (Small, R.P: $7.90)
  4. The Cheeseburger (Small, R.P: $8.90)

:: 5 inch Beef Pie

When it arrived, the pie was warm and it not only looked great, but it smelled awesome too! And no wonder, a quick look at the web page shows that lean meat and organic oat flour were used in this meat pie. The cheddar and apple crust was also yummy and “light”. I tried a few bites (yes, they are perfectly ok to try since Barking Good uses only human grade ingredients) and true to its promise, the meat was lean (though moist) and there was no added salt, etc.

I also love the generous serving of vegetables, which made me happy knowing that J has fibre in her diet too. :p (It's a mum's thing!) 

:: Cheddar and Apple Biscuits

Now. These biscuits. These biscuits have J running back to us on "recall" command meters and meters away! That in itself is quite a feat as J is still so distracted outside that she sometimes would still freeze. Though it is made with cheddar, it was not salty and had a nice "apple" finish to it.

Best of all, it is customisable! Your pooch can now have his / her own name printed on these biscuits! This makes it a wonderful present for your friends' pooches too! :)

:: Training Treats

The Cheeseburger

J is more of a meat lover than a fish lover. These cheeseburgers were really great in motivating her to work on her "sit" and "stay". The Cheeseburger was tasty and I like the rosemary in it too! As for J, she kept asking for more by sitting down and waiting. *sweat*

Catch of the Day

J was a tad apprehensive at trying this. Perhaps it is because we have exposed her more to red meat. Even when we give her "fish", we tend to feed her with salmon instead of white fish. Now, one of the things that caught my eye on the package was this. Check out the expiry date!

I was wow-ed by the fact that the item can be refrigerated for up to 1 week or frozen for up to 3 months (without opening the package prior)! While I am not that brave to try for 3 months, I left the "Catch of the Day" in my freeze for almost 2 months! So did it pass the taste test?


In fact, the tilapia did not even remotely taste / smelly fishy. What I also love about these training treats is the size. Each piece is about measures approximately one cm which makes it great for training as I do not have to worry about over feeding her and about her waist line!

:: Other things we love

If you are concerned about nutrition and what actually goes into these gourmet treats, you will appreciate that the website shares the ingredient list as well as the calorie count / micronutrient information.

Additionally, I love that the treats and biscuits are packed into a clear, food-grade plastic ziplock pouch and heat sealed to maintain maximum freshness (see photo below). That probably explains why our Catch of the Day still taste good after (almost) 2 months!

About Barking Good

Barking Good is started by 2 animal lovers (who are still in University but have taken some time off from school!) and sells gourmet treats which are prepared specially by baker Dionne who is also certified in Pet Nutrition by the Animal Behavior College. Barking Good uses only human-grade ingredients, so it's perfectly safe for humans to comsume. Importantly, it contains no artificial or natural preservatives like salt or sugar

Now that I have your attention on how good these treats are, here's a piece of good news! :)

Barking Good will be at Pet Expo this coming weekend from 25 - 27 March! 

Barking Good will be offering a 15% discount on its treats (3 for $18) and will also be giving away a free sticker for every like on its Facebook, with 13 different designs available (first-come-first-served basis). For fashionistas, Barking Good will also be selling human accessories (necklaces, earrings) at their booth!

So look out for Barking Good at Booth C50! (Pet Expo is at Singapore Expo Hall 7. Admission tickets are needed.)

Jaime received the above treats from Barking Good so that she can sample while we, the humans, can give our opinions on it. We are not compensated for this post. All opinions expressed are entirely ours. No animal was over fed in the writing of this post. :p 

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