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Review: Human Nature's 100% natural products

I was first introduced to Human Nature years back when Dumpling was a wee “wanton” (haha!) and I was looking around organic products that do not burn a hole in the pocket. Some friends of mine raved about a certain bug shield product and because Dumpling and I are mozzie magnets (I think it is to do with the blood type), I decided to read up and give it a go.

Since then, I have been using their deodorant, bug shield and the Lip Balm. Recently I had the chance to try out some “new” products and I managed to do so without busting the budget. Most of my friends have the impression that natural products are often very expensive so I decided to set myself a budget of $50. Here’s what I managed to purchase:
  1. CocoMutt $18.90
  2. Bug Shield $9.90
  3. Deodorant for Men: $6.90
  4. Moisturising Conditioner $9.90
Now, the above on based on actual retail price (but I applied a 10% discount ~ discount code is below to share!) and some items which I selected were on promotion then and so, with the “savings” I managed to add on:

Night Moisturizer with Jojoba & Plant Collagen - 50ml $5.95 * ($9.90) bringing the total of these 5 products to be under $47! Natural products can be affordable too! :D

Here's sharing our experiences on the items bought:

:: CocoMutt

Jaime is our new adopted puppy and while I have been using other brands with my previous dogs, as the market evolved, I am keen to try out new pet care products.

I am not a big fan of heavily perfumed shampoo (especially for dogs) so what drew me to CocoMutt is that it is free from harmful chemicals and the scent is derived from Orange oil. Amongst its list of ingredients are Aloe Vera Leaf Juice (known for its soothing and healing properties), Avocado Oil (To smoothen and moisturize coat as well as Lemongrass Essential Oil (which also has anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties).

Our verdict: 
As it does not contain the lathering agent (Laureth Sulphate and the likes), this shampoo is not for someone who prefers a lot of foam. But the shampoo washes well with a light foam and what I really like is the nice fresh citrus fragrance. When Jaime was all dried up, her coat was soft and smooth. This is definitely on my list to purchase again. 

:: Bug Shield

This is still an all time favourite in my household. DEET is a pesticide to repel insects and has been used in a number of insect repellents. Being a mom, I now read labels and perform internet research on chemicals as such.

Human Nature’s Bug Shield is DEET free and uses natural repellent such as citronella to repel insects. The new formula is now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil.

Our verdict: 
As it is oil based, the initial feeling is a tad sticky. But the oil is well absorbed a couple of mins later. Since it uses citronella, the scent is strong. The kiddo and I both like the scent so it did not bother us. When the kiddo and I used it for our morning at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, we did not get bitten by any mozzies either.
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:: Deodorant for Men

Traditionally, deodorants consist of aluminium compounds that act as a “plug” to block off sweat glands to temporarily stop the flow of sweat. There has been many articles to suggest that just like parabens, they are absorbed by the body and promote the growth of breast cancer cells.

With Human Nature’s Deodorant for Men, which is infused with essential oils such as Rosemary and Bergamot, the deodorant prevents any body odour and instead, gives off a woody scent from the oils.

Our verdict: 
The hubs trialed this and said that it was a good buy. As it is not spray based (CFC safe), it is also environmentally friendly. The deodorant works as a rub-on and lasted the hubs for more than half a day when he was out. I personally like the masculine scent which is fresh and crisp with a woody undertone.

:: Moisturising Conditioner

Out of the 4 items featured here, this is my favourite (no surprise considering 2 of the above 3 items are not for me! Hahahaha) As both the kiddo and I have long hair, conditioner is a must after every wash. More importantly, we need to use a richer conditioner because we are both under the sun quite a lot and I swim too so the "runny" conditioners do not quite cut it for us. 

Our verdict: 

The immediate thing that attracted me were 2 things: the scent (I chose vanilla) and the avocado oil. It was not runny and spread well on our long tresses. I left it on for about a min or 2 while I scrubbed my face with an exfoliating scrub then proceeded to rinse the conditioner off. 

I was really pleased that it washes off well yet I could tell immediately that the hair was smoother. Upon drying, the hair was smooth and definitely better hydrated. As it does not contain any modifiers such as silicone which basically works like plastic to coat the hair (but does not hydrate it in any way), I felt assured that Dumpling and my tresses were well taken care off. 

Keen to try these products (which are 100% with no harmful chemicals) for your family? 
I am pleased to share that I have a $50 voucher to give away PLUS Free delivery (within SG) too! 

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Disclaimer: We were sponsored with a $50 voucher to try out Human Nature's products so that we can give our opinions. We are not compensated for this post. This giveaway is not endorsed by Facebook. All opinions expressed are entirely ours. 

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  1. I would love to try their exfoliating bars!

  2. Would love to let my dog try out the CocoMutt!! Well, he definitely needs it because we know that he will be free from harsh chemicals on his skin.

  3. Would like to try the exfoliating bars because I still prefer using soap bars over shower gels/scrubs types.

  4. I would like to try bug shield because it is deet free.

  5. Would like to try the moisturising conditioner as well because my hair has turned a lot drier after my recent colouring.

  6. Bug shield as my girl & I are magnets and she gets a very bad scare from the bites!

  7. I want to try the moisturising conditioner because I've tried many natural conditioner but they are so gentle that they do not really moisturise my hair.

  8. Would love to try the exfoliating bars, as I'm still switching between brands to find the most suitable exfoliating products.

  9. We would love to try the Bug Shield and the SunProtect Sunscreen because we use these 2 products everyday! :-) We love going to the parks, playgrounds and gardens and you need to slather yourselves with these if you don't want to be bothered by mozzies and the sun. Unfortunately, these are the 2 types of products that are found to have harmful chemicals. So if we want to use these products liberally, it need to be safe and organic. That's why I try to choose organic as much as I can. It's an investment :-)

  10. I would love to try the kids bath & shampoo as my daughter has sensitive skin & her hair will tangle when we dry her hair after shower

  11. Bug shield for my family especially for my 2 kids n for this breastfeeding momma!!! Trying to stay away from harmful chemicals n those pesky mosquitos...

  12. Bug shields ... There is never enough of it to use in Singapore ! Hope to have an effective one

  13. Moisturizing conditioner because I need a good conditioner to keep my hair healthy and smooth silky :)

  14. Bug Shield to shield us from the commando mozzies at my home. - Meiyi

  15. I would like to try the moisturizing conditioner as my hair ends are dry

  16. Would love to let my child try the Moisturising Conditioner. Love the natural ingredients and hope that it would help to keep her hair tangle free!

  17. I'd love to try the moisturizing conditioner for my daughter cos her current organic conditioner is not very effective and still leaves her hair in knots, breaking the strands when I comb her hair..>_<

  18. I'd love to try the moisturizing conditioner for my daughter cos her current organic conditioner is not very effective and still leaves her hair in knots, breaking the strands when I comb her hair..>_<

  19. I would like to try moisturising conditioner as I have dry hair.
    Khor Lee Ling

  20. Moisturising Conditioner cos having very dry hair
    Julie tan

  21. Moisturing conditioner! Improve the quality of my hair. They are simply too dry.


  22. I would like to try the Moisturing conditioner as my girl's hair is very dry and I don't want to put conditioner with harmful chemicals on her hair.
    Chuyan Kwek


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