Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY Frozen Party!

The kid recently had her birthday celebration. With quite possibly about 90% of the girl population around the world, the theme was none other than Frozen. Yup, after months of prep work for the party, this very word sends chill (all pun intended) down my spine. LOL

The kiddo decided very early on (as in more than half a year prior) that it would be totally COOL (yes, corny I know) if she were to have a party at The Rink where her friends can have a go on ice and she gets to do what she enjoys too!

If you are looking to host a party with a Frozen theme, The Rink is a pretty good idea and here's sharing our prep journey.

:: Here’s 5 easy steps to planning a Frozen Party:

1) First up, decide on a venue and book for the date.
In our case, it was at The Rink. You can give them a call, check and book for a slot. Each slot is for 2 hours and you can check with them if you could come in a tad early to do up the room but they do provide a very simple printed laminated 'bunting' for the birthday child on one of the walls in the party room.

2) Birthday invitations

I went a little crazy this year as I am so anal about designs so I sort of created 3 different invitations. You can easily google for Frozen images. My eInvite below was created very simply using powerpoint, nothing fancy like Photoshop.

All you have to do is to place the image as the background, create a border and add on a ‘sticker’ (also googled), insert in a text box for the words. The version below was sent out as the first eInvitation. Thereafter, I mailed out the hardcopy invitation cards.

Because I created so many different versions, I used the 'last' design (below) as a reminder eInvite one day prior.
3) Party favours

The party this year is a much cozier party as Dumpling invited about 10 friends excluding her cousins. With the guest list decided way early on, I could then work out how many sets of party favors we needed.

It is a personal habit of mine to include personalized gifts and books whenever I can. With the invitee list all mapped out, I was able to suss out the various Frozen titles and ordered them when I happened to receive a discount code from Books Depository!

For her girlfriends who are P1 going kids in 2015, I also ordered some fun watches from eBay.

Now, I believe that many parents would face the same challenge as me when it comes to this theme for the boys – what do we then give as favors for them? I saw some really fun ideas of packing marshmallows, pretzel and choc / raisins in a bag where we can ‘build an Olaf’ but I wanted something a tad more personalized.

I googled a bit and decided on making some personalized aprons. I bought the image off etsy as well and got a friend to add on the names of the boys for me. I then printed on some iron-transfer stickers (Avery brand) and did the ironing on and voila!

Favor bags packing in process...

Favor bags all ready!

4) Décor

This gave me quite a headache as the Frozen themed décor were all out at the various party stores that I went to. So, having to improvise from there, I worked on using the Frozen colors of light blue and white.

a) Buntings
Birthday buntings are a must for me and you can find many options on Etsy is an amazing place and the best part is that many of the sellers offer personalization meaning that I could add on Dumpling’s name to the order.

b) Balloons
Balloons are a cheap and effective way to jazz up a room. Because my party was in the morning, I was not able to order the helium-filled balloons from the company as many of these are able to deliver only after 10am. What you can do instead is to blow them on your own. Thereafter, tie 3 – 4 to one string and use the tape to paste the string onto the wall. Here’s how ours look:

5) Cakes cakes and cakes!
I placed my order with Diana Gale, a fellow mum blogger at Domestic Goddess Wannabe whose food blog recently won an award! Diana was really great. All I had to do was to google for photos to show her and basically shared that I would like to have an ombre cake and some mini cupcakes. One of my close friends then helped me to place the order for the cake toppers (as I decided to swear off fondant cake this year). Once the sugar and the toppers were added to the cake, it was definitely ‘theme’ ready!

I also ordered half a dozen of jam-filled cupcakes from Diana where the buttercream was also in the frozen blue. Diana provided the printed cupcake toppers too!

The cakes were yummy and we had children oohing and ‘aiming’ for the slice / cupcake which they wanted. It was not overly sweet and I particularly love the jam filled cupcakes where Diana also added some shaved white choc as ‘snowflakes’.

Final Tips:

I am a stickler for small details so in my case, since I DIY the design and printing (I go to Bras Basah for cheap printing on matt art card, stickers, etc.) I try to make personalised items as much as I can.

I designed and printed personalised water bottle labels...

Tent Cards

And personalized thank you tags which I tied to the goodie bags as the items in the bag differs slightly

As signages are often the first point of 'contact' when the guests arrive at any venue, The Rink was kind enough to allow me to design the 'Welcome Signage' which is inline with the theme too.
Dumpling aka 'Queen Elsa' LOL attracted a fair bit of attention as she posed with the signage)
Having details like these help to 'glue' the whole theme together.
Of course, the rest of the party was a breeze as the kids basically entertained themselves on ice! Kids having a safety crash course before starting...
The cousins...
Close friends...

And of course, we ended off the lovely morning with the birthday cake and song!

To all our friends and family who celebrated with us, thank you for taking the time and for your lovely wishes. We are blessed many times over with your love. :)
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