Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Active and Outdoor Play: A Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Powder Review

Leading a healthier lifestyle has very much been an area of key focus for the past few months where I started some new fitness initiatives. I took up ice skating classes together with the kiddo earlier in the year and have been exercising weekly for the past few months. I like that the kiddo has an avenue to expend her energy and burn her ‘beans’ when we play outdoors or head to the rink.

Much has been said on outdoor play time and how it is important for early childhood development. In fact, in a recent video which I watched, The Play Experiment, Johnson’s baby conducted a social experiment to find out how kids play.

I personally thought that the findings were very interesting! Do you know that 7 out of 10 kids chose idle toys (figurines, devices, board games, etc.) over active toys (bicycles, soccer balls, Frisbees, etc.)! Whatever happened to the sun, the air and the great outdoors?

It seems that today's parents understand and see the importance of early childhood education for their kids as stepping stones to succeed later in life. However, it is also interesting to observe that this trend creates a more sedentary lifestyle for children, leaving little or no time for kids to play outdoors.
It is no secret that I favour outdoor time and as Dr. Chong (Dept. Head, Child Development, NUH) aptly shared in the video, kids who play often generally sleep better, can communicate their needs better and even focus better. So what’s the recommended time you might ask? 60 minutes each day.

As for me, with the change in lifestyle, I decided to bring Dumpling with me to Krabi recently where we had a chance to spend some time outdoors. I received a bottle of Johnson Baby’s Active Fresh powder just before I left for my trip and I brought it along with me.

:: Road Test
Johnson Baby’s Active Fresh powder uses a technology which neutralizes malodor where the powder masks it and renders it odorless. More than that, the Active Fresh technology continues to release a long last fragrance as the day wears on.

:: The Sand
Dumpling loves to run and bask in the sun and so do I. While I love to perspire and enjoy a good workout, Dumpling gets irritated when she gets all sticky. I, on the other hand, am one who is sensitive to smell. We used the powder when we headed to the beach and the sand did not stick to Dumpling much!
 (See how little sand stuck to her? Happily digging for seashells as the sand didn’t bother her much!)

:: The Sea
As for me, I put it to the test as we went snorkeling.

 While I love the sea and the sun, the seawater does tend to also be a tad sticky after snorkeling when we are on dry land.

So, I used it after our snorkeling and the light flora fragrance lingered on as the afternoon wore on. There was no sticky feeling and I felt fresh too.
:: The Sun

I even used it on a hot hot hot morning when we went elephant trekking!

It was definitely a great choice as the flora fragrance helped me deal with the ‘funky’ smell at the elephant trekking area.
So did the powder survive the road trip? Definitely! It is now a regular product which we use daily before leaving the home!

(The munchkin showing me her cheeky face and having fun apply the powder on her own)
The range (Bath + Powder) is available in major supermarkets and other retail outlets.

:: Disclaimer:
This is part of a sponsored conversation and review for Johnson’s Baby active fresh initiative.  Johnson’s Baby is advocating 60 minutes of active play a day which helps to build a sharper mind through increased concentration and improved problem solving skills, which aids in better academic performance.  (Based on a study conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services and is adapted by several programs worldwide.)


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