Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Your thoughts #1 ~ Outdoor Education

I have recently come to realise that I enjoy talking to people; I find it interesting to know a person and listen to their experiences. From food courts to the rink, I often end up exchanging a couple of words (in a nice way of course!) with absolute strangers. 

And it is through the course of chatting, I learnt so much from these lovely people who are kind enough to share their tips and thoughts with me. :) Hence I am starting this series amongst reviving some of my old ones. 

To kickstart this series, I had the chance to chat with Yvonne who works at one of our gardens as an Education Manager. She is also an ex educator having taught in both in an Elementary school and a Secondary School. Here's her thoughts on Outdoor Education! 

"I hope that parents will recognise the immense learning opportunities in nature that cannot be taught in the classroom or bought at a  shopping mall. Nature offers children the space to be curious, to question and explore. Think about it, how did you learn about “the birds and the bees”? 

I feel that parents should start getting their children interested and aware in the natural environment from young. This teaches them so many important values such as care and respect for plants and our biodiversity. If we want our future generation to be able to enjoy the Gardens and greenery we see today, we have to start them now! J"

~ Yvonne Chong

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