Monday, May 5, 2014

What Mums Truly Want - Mums speak up!

There are a couple of 'celebrations' which I avoid simply because as a marketer by profession, to me, it is all clever marketing. With Mother's Day around the corner, I decided to reach out to some mummy friends and ask them - "What do you truly want for Mother's Day?" Is this 'day' like what we expect - roses and lavish meals? Here's the low down:

"Sleeping in will be awesome for me. Else, I will take a 2 hour massage. Any time alone is goooood!" 
Sandra Tan, mum of 3, 

"Peace in the shower. Make that a long shower."
Cheryl Tan, mum of 2,

"This Mother's Day, I wish for a vintage pearl ring. I once heard if someone buys you pearls, you will have happiness all your life!" 
Lennie Hong, mum of 2

"Honestly, if I can ask for one thing, it's to have my own dedicated craft room or perhaps a customized beading table where I can hide all my supplies without having to clear my current dining table workspace every single day, when it's time for a meal. But for now, I will be more than happy to settle for a phone upgrade. This is as materialistic as I can get!"

"My husband to up his life insurance payout amount upon death!"
Mel Loh, mum of 1

"I want a husband-and-me-only vacation! Haha!"
Klessis Lee, mum of 2,

"What I really want for this mothers' day is, everyone at home to be on automatic mode - I don't need to be nagging or reminding anyone at home to get what needs to be done." 
Pauline Wong, mum of 2,

"I'm still sleep deprived as the whole gang snores, gnash teeth and I literally wake 10times a nite to make sure all blankies are covering exposed tummies.... someone didn't sleep on the cat. So yes, sleep is good."
Carolina Chalker-Tan, mum of 2

"I truly wish for happy families everywhere. With love, we can conquer everything. And so, I wish for loving families." 
Chai Ooyyoan, mum of 1

"What I want - is also what every mom wants. For the kids to be happy and healthy. That's the best gift to me. They happy I happy. They healthy I lagi happier. No need make cards lavish dinners, gifts etc."
Jacquelene Pang, mum of 2, Sowing Seeds of L0ve 

"I want half a day to myself. Eat, shop, stone, whatever, without the 'village' & the husband cannot call/text me to check on me. I went to the polyclinic on my own 1 time and he called to check my whereabouts. He pretended to ask in jest but I know he was panicking at home. I ended up cutting short my alone time at Compasspoint and bought lunch for everyone. So anti climax... I was beginning to enjoy myself at the Value store...."
Liza Poh, mum of 2,

"Seriously I would be happy with a real big hug and kiss from the boy and a day with no tantrums."
Audrey Soo, mum of 1

So, there you have it! What mums truly want - Mother's Day is not just about a meal or flowers. For most of these mums, it's a simple chilled out "me moment". :) As for me, I have been having some really rough personal issues lately and I wish for peace, protection and basically for the family to be well. I pray that God will continue to watch over us. If you can, please keep my family in your prayers and that would be the best gift for me. :) Here's wishing all you great mothers out there:

Love, Mama Sue

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  1. Nice post, Alicia! Hope things turn out well for your family soon and Happy Mother's Day in advance! My dream is like Ade, to have my own crafting corner without needing to clear the dining table every time and oh, just one loving day with the kids but without the tantrums sounds super awesome! =)

    1. Thank you Summer, for your blessings. Please keep my family in your prayers if you can. :) Instead of having a craft room, I would love to have Science lab! I know, totally geeky moment! :p

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day ahead! Wonderful blog!

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you for the kind wishes and here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day in advance too! :)

  3. Enjoyed reading this post. It's so true that most mothers, me included, are happy to just have some uninterrupted me-time. I think motherhood is a 5-letter word - T.O.U.G.H. So, to all mothers out there, Happy Mothers' Day! And hope everything turns out well for your family, Alicia!

    1. Hi Ing, yes, motherhood is tough but I guess that we would not have it any other way. :) Thank you for your concern, please have us in your prayers so that we can be cloaked in His love and protection.

  4. I just want to pee alone without having to answer any questions or hear the door banging on the other side. I also wouldn't mind sleeping in and waking up at some ungodly hour like oh I don't know, 8am?

    1. That makes you and me; I wonder when I will have some peace when am on the *ahem* throne. :p


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